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  1. Mads says:

    Finding time to shave my legs is nigh on impossible so maybe I should try an epilator!

  2. I found your blog on MBC. I never really put two and two together but your right after birth hair grows crazy fast. This is a really helpful post.

  3. I really might have to try this as I also have to shave every few days as well. What a pain! #EatsleepblogRT

  4. Jen says:

    So you like it? I have always been worried to try it, but anything to save time is a win in my book! #happynowlinkup

    • ohmummymia says:

      I had the same I thought that it will be too painful but it’s not so bad maybe if you will buy some old one it will be not nice

  5. You definitely get used to epilating after a while, I haven’t done it for years mind you. The worst pain is if you try your underarms OUCH! 😉 Thanks for linking up to #PicknMix, hope to see you there again tomorrow

    Stevie x

  6. I have been thinking about an epilator but then got a little scared with the pain – I just stick to hot wax now when I have the time to do it myself (once in a blue moon) or just shave. I might just get a little cheap epilator though especially if it saves that much time. 🙂 #DreamTeam

  7. Have never tried an epilator – maybe I should. I literally can’t remember the last time I got to shaving my legs. I live perpetually in trousers with hairy pins! #EatSleepBlogRT

  8. See it’s the word ‘pain’ that puts me off! Same as waxing! I’m happy with my razor lol! #EatSleepBlogRt

  9. I am lucky and have really light and sporadic hair so I can go quite a few days without shaving even in the summer months. Shaving is a real pain but something us women endure. Are these only available in the UK? I don’t know if I have ever seen them for sale here in the US. Thanks for linking with #momsterslink and I hope to see you again this week!

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