When you will have a baby?

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  1. It’s weird isn’t it. Then after you have one you just get asked if you will have another… #dreamteam

  2. People should have a baby when they are ready to devote themselves to constantly meeting the needs of a demanding small person. And not a moment sooner! #KCACOLS

  3. Kerry says:

    It’s so true, and so annoying! And when your baby is a bit older they’ll be asking when you’re going to try for number 2! #KCACOLS

  4. Just wait, next they wi;ll be asking when you are having another! And if you have another of the same sex, whether you’ll keep trying for a girl/boy! If you have one of each, people will assume that you’ll stop! Thanks for being a part of the #bigpinklink it’s great to have you joining in.

  5. I have 3 friends from school who are married and have no children. One of those couples has been married for 6 years now. Totally no one else’s business but your own. Thanks for linking to #PickNMix
    Eilidh x

  6. Laura says:

    I so get this, I hate people a lot of the time and when people are thoughtless like this it drives me crazy! No matter how many kids you have people always want to know when you’re having another, I’m really sensitive to this at the moment as I think I am unable to have any more so cringe when Im asked about more then get to hear their opinion on how I dont need any more anyway, people should shut up!! As for touching your tummy and asking if someones in there… his ass would be grass!!! We were also asked if we were getting married because I was pregnant, after being together 7 years… #FriYAYLinky – thanks so much for linking up, I hope to see you again this week!

    • ohmummymia says:

      People can be so stupid sometimes:/ My sister lost first baby and they all the time asked her when they will try again. The problem was that they were told that they can’t have another one but she has now a little girl and we call it a miracle:D But it was really hard for her all that questions:/

  7. Barrie says:

    Yep! everyone wants to be in your business. Not sure why people care so much!

  8. Chloe says:

    I think it’s completely reasonable to want to spend time together without children! And well done for sticking to your guns. Chloe
    P.S So when are you having your second one? Ha Ha

  9. Elizabeth O. says:

    I get you. It’s like people only get married because they’re pregnant of they want to have kids. For them it’s not to open another chapter of your lives as married couple, it’s union to start a family immediately, as soon as you can. Lol. But, congratulations on surviving that and I’m sure your 6 month old baby is adorable!

  10. Helen says:

    I remember someone saying ‘we would have expected it to be you’ when my younger sister announced she was pregnant the year we got married. People can be thoughtless! Nod, smile, grit teeth. Live life at your pace, for you, no one else!

  11. People really need to mind their own business! I hear about a lot of people doing this, but I guess I’m lucky as people never bothered me about it. My husband and I waiting 2 years after getting married (after 7 years together beforehand) because we wanted to enjoy being married, just like you. #kcacols

    • ohmummymia says:

      oh so you are really lucky:) now I’m waiting for another question ‘when you will have another baby’?:D

  12. I know how it feels, that’s what most people would say after they hear the word “married” and it can get so annoying! You’re awesome for getting through two years of non-stop questions like that! Lol!

  13. It’s so annoying when people ask you this isn’t it! There is more to marriage than babies they aren’t mutually exclusive. I hate when people ask if I’m EVER going to have more kids as apparently there is nothing worse than sticking at 1! #KCACOLS

  14. I get this all the time as someone who doesn’t want children. I’m nearly 35 and people still say I’ll change my mind!
    Thanks for linking up to #AnythingGoes 🙂

  15. It doesn’t end. Now you’ll just be asked when you’re having another!

  16. Its weird why people do this, they also do it i find when you have a baby they then start asking if you are having another! i have 3 now and people still ask me! #KCACOLS

  17. Sharon Parry says:

    There is so much pressure isn’t there?! I got married at 25 and didn’t have a baby until I was 30 and was very happy! Thanks so much for linking up at #KCACOLS. Hope you come back again next Sunday

  18. In today’s world it is probably because we usually are effing before married. So the intiial thought might be, pregnant. Sad to think but true.

  19. Congratulation to a new additional member to your family! I could pretty much relate. Just understand that human beings are such curious breed.

  20. Marka says:

    People are so nosy aren’t they! I was with my husband for 10 years before he proposed and before then we had so many ppl ask us when we are going to get married. Then after we married it was when we were going to have kids.


    Thank you for linking up to #KCACOLS and I hope to see you back again on Sunday x

  21. Ellie says:

    That’s crazy that people automatically assumed you were getting married because you might be pregnant! And so rude that they felt they could speak on fertility! Congrats on your little one now! 🙂

  22. Lisa Rios says:

    I am a mom of 2 kids and I have faced such questions of when you are going to have the 2nd baby when my first was too young! I always feel that it is every couple’s own choice which most people don’t understand, we just need to move away from them!

  23. Love this! We tried straight away but that’s cos we were getting older and I have PCOS so fertility could have been an issue but if it wasn’t for that we both said we were happy to have waited.
    I have a friend who doesn’t want kids and nearly three years of marriage down the line still gets asked. They don’t get why a primary school teacher doesn’t want kids?!?
    I hate the pressure of that next step that gets put on you. #happynowlinkup

  24. Sarah Aslett says:

    Haha totally agree! My parents were married for six years before they decided they wanted to have children! Esp in those days – people thought it was really weird – she has always said that many people assumed she was barren after a few years because they couldn’t comprehend that they just actually wanted to be alone together for a while!
    I, however was pregnant four months after our wedding but then we had lived together for five years #stayclassymama

  25. Se manifique! Loved the photo journal and descriptions.
    that pic with the scrabble beads spelling forever is just amazing and has so much meaning. thought provoking post

  26. congratulations! get ready for more questions. 😉

  27. Ana Ojha says:

    I don’t understand why people are so much interested in others life and ask questions which are none of their business. I literally feel like slapping those people!

  28. Hmm. I’m gonna stop asking my married childless female friends when they are gonna have a baby. Now that I think about it yeah, it’s none of my business. Seems just natural to ask though.

  29. I agree with the Marriage equals kids thing, but it should never be seen as a bad thing. I would give anything to make sure that I pass the torch to someone with my own flesh and blood. Anyway, I don’t like judgemental people regardless if they talk to me or not, let’s leave it at that.

  30. Brandon says:

    This makes a lot of sense actually when my wife and I had juice instead of wine at wedding everyone thought she was pregnant its not that just we dont drink

  31. People need filters!! They ask the most unappropriated questions at times. I still don’t understand why they think its OK. It’s awesome to be married and just enjoy the time as husband and wife, before the chaos of kids. there is nothing wrong with that! #globalblogging

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