Flat head syndrome

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  1. Amber Myers says:

    I’ve heard about this. My friend’s baby had to wear a helmet for a bit.

    My kids never got it!

  2. In my experience, my babies were both active enough to prevent this, so it was never a concern for me. It’s definitely important to make sure babies aren’t left for very long periods lying on just one side of the head consistently though, as it really does distort the shapes of the soft skull bones.

    • ohmummymia says:

      It’s happened to us because we were putting our son on his back every time he went to sleep but now he is on his tummy and it’s much better for his head and he sleep better:)

  3. Robin says:

    One of the real housewives of beverly hills this season had her daughter wearing a helmut for the very same reason. I think it’s sad that doctors do not inform mothers of the possibility and encourage them to put their children on the side. Kudos to you for sharing your story in the face of bullying by another moderator. xoxo Robin

  4. I have never known what caused this syndrome. I have seen babies with the helmets on their heads. This is very informative.

  5. Thats an awesome idea and your right its not good for kids to have flat heads.

  6. My daughter was born with “turtle neck syndrome” ~ yes, that was the medical term the doctors and nurses used too. No helmet but, I had to do neck exercises in which she would screech in agony. She does have a lopsided head though to this day from it. I saw an article in which a dad has been painting these to “look cooler”; my favorite is the Star Wars Resistance Fighter Helmet 😀

  7. mira pstr says:

    that will be very helpful for babies thank you for sharing .

  8. Heidi says:

    It seems the information about how we should lay our babies for sleep changes every few years. My daughters did not sleep well on their backs. They woke up constantly! I finally bought some triangle pillows that allowed me to prop them on their sides. I switched sides from night to night. They slept so much better, and no flat heads.

  9. Hannah Green says:

    Good for you for re sharing. Bloggers aren’t always experts but if you’ve been affected by something it’s always worthwhile spreading awareness and sharing your personal experience. Well done for doing that, ignore people who don’t read your disclosures carefully enough. well done x

  10. Chloe says:

    I think it’s important to learn about these things as it can lead to serious complications later on if not addressed. It’s funny how we are taught to keep them on their back when in fact it is okay for them to spend some time on their tummies.

    • ohmummymia says:

      Yeah I’ve got information that I shouldn’t write about it because it’s only cosmetic problem yeah but who would like to have a flat head?

  11. This was such a very interesting post to remind everyone that we should be very sensitive to our baby’s everyday position whenever they were in their sleep or lying for long periods on their backs.

  12. Wow.. I had never heard of flat head syndrome. If I ever notice my friends kids having an asymmetrical head, I may mention something about this.

  13. Elizabeth O. says:

    I feel fortunate that I didn’t have to deal with this when the twins were growing up. It’s nice to have a gadget that will help your counter this syndrome.

  14. That’s something that new parents must be informed about. I wonder why it’s not a standard procedure. Nonetheless, it’s nice to know that there’s a way to help prevent it.

    • ohmummymia says:

      I think the same they should say that something like that can happen and than it’s parents decision if they want to prevent it

  15. OddHogg says:

    My sons head was slightly flat on one side, it had a definite bulge. Like you – I eventually let him sleep on his stomach from 5 months and he actually slept a lot better for it #bestandworst

  16. Kaitlyn says:

    I agree, they need to be more informative about this. I tried really hard to rotate which side my baby boy would lay on and his head never got too bad. Totally depends on the baby too though!


    • ohmummymia says:

      I was trying to do that as well but it didn’t help because after a couple of minutes he again was on his right side but now he is sleeping on his tummy and his head it’s really nice now

  17. Robin Rue says:

    The doctors made it a point to make us aware that this could happen. We kept a close eye on the boys when they were younger.

  18. AMANDA says:

    This is why tummy time is a big thing. Give them a break, only when awake, and put them on their tummies several times a day and they should be fine 🙂

  19. I’m not a mom myself, but I see nothing wrong with this post! You were simply stating an opinion and providing reasons.

  20. Divya says:

    I had no idea about this actually. Thanks for bringing light to this. Now I understand why tummy time is so important!

  21. stacey says:

    I don’t understand why someone would get so upset. It happens and all you are doing is having making it possible to discuss.

    • ohmummymia says:

      exactly:) and that was only my opinion because I’m not a GP so it’s obvious that I can’t know everything about it

  22. Laura Wilson says:

    Thank you for sharing. It’s something I had heard of but not read up on so its really good to know more xx friyaylinky

  23. CourtneyLynne says:

    Omg my daughter had a flat spot for the longest time!!! I was always worried about it but I fought in to it soon enough where I just had to make sure to keep moving my daughter around as often as possible

  24. Chrissy says:

    I agree, rotating them while they are laying down is a must. Eventually it goes away 🙂

  25. Never knew this before… my sister also didn’t know about it. Thanks for sharing this one!

  26. I’m not sure why someone would get offended by this – I think this is very useful for new parents. My friend’s baby had it and these are fantastic tips to help. Thank you for linking up to #dreamteam x

    • ohmummymia says:

      I think the same because before my son started to have flattened head I didn’t know that something like that exist if I will I could do something to prevent it

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