5 reasons why you should eat pumpkin

eating pumpkin is good for your health

Time to learn why you should eat pumpkin

I tend to think of pumpkins primarily as Jack-o’-lanterns and a symbol of Halloween. I was quite surprised that some people call that fruit a ‘superfood’. You can think that I’m crazy but I used to put everything that was in our pumpkin to the bin. For me, it was always about carving.

So, one day my friends at work were talking about pumpkin soup, pumpkin cake/muffins. They talked about lots of benefits from eating pumpkin. When I came back home I checked on the Internet everything about that fruit. I wanted to know why eating it is so good for our health. And it turns out that there are too many health benefits of eating pumpkin to ignore it.

you need to eat pumpkin to be healthy

Here you have 5 (for me) the main reasons why you should eat pumpkin and do not forget to buy it during your regular shopping even when Halloween is over.

  1. Can support your weight loss- It’s a good source of fibre, which may suppress your appetite. You can eat it as much as you want and still you consume only fewer calories. It sounds like a dream for me.
  2. Prevent cancer- Pumpkins are packed with antioxidants, and eating them often may help reduce the risk of many types of cancer. Also, the beta-carotene in pumpkins may play a huge role in preventing cancer.
  3. Support your heart health- A healthy diet can modify the risk of stroke, specifically potassium intake. And if you don’t know yet that big fruit is a great source of potassium. Which, also have a positive effect on blood pressure
  4. Good for eye health- Pumpkin is rich in vitamins and minerals. Its nutrients and antioxidants may protect your eyesight. Beta-carotene, as well as vitamins C and E, can help protect eyes and reduce the risk of age-related eye diseases.
  5. Support immunity- Eating pumpkin can helps your body fight infections and viruses. Thanks to the large shot of vitamin A the fruit provides. Pumpkin oil even helps fight various bacterial and fungal infections.

What else you need to know? That fruit is relatively low in calories, as it’s 94% water.  For example, one cup of cooked pumpkin (245 grams) contains only 49 calories and 0.2 grams of fat. So, mix it with other fruit and vegetables. You can prepare your own pumpkin spice latte, cocktails, puree, butter and many many more.

Let us know if pumpkin is the main fruit in your kitchen during Autumn.


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  • Reply Sarah Winton

    I did not know that pumpkins could aid in preventing cancer! That’s so interesting. I love pumpkin muffins and pumpkin bread!

    31 October 2019 at 22:20
  • Reply Chad

    oh wow!!! I love pumpkin but had no idea it is that healthy! I am gonna be eating more of it for sure.

    1 November 2019 at 01:22
  • Reply Cristina Petrini

    Uff is very true, I’ve tried it over and over again but I don’t like ç_ç

    1 November 2019 at 08:16
  • Reply Nyxie

    The fact that pumpkin is delicious should be the only reason you need. Especially in soup on a cold, winter day.

    1 November 2019 at 09:15
  • Reply Krysten

    I didn’t realize that pumpkin had so many awesome properties. Thanks so much for sharing this with us!

    1 November 2019 at 12:48
  • Reply Tara Pittman

    I love pumpkin and have yet to make a pie. My son will be coming home soon from school so it will be a late birthday present.

    1 November 2019 at 19:36
  • Reply Marie

    All of those are great reasons–plus it’s super yummy! Thank you for the good information.

    1 November 2019 at 21:43
  • Reply Farrah Less

    Pumpkin will always a part of our house during Fall. My mom’s Pumpkin pie and pumpkin soup recipe is the best.

    2 November 2019 at 00:41
  • Reply Valerie

    I love pumpkin and definitely need to eat more of it. They have pumpkin everything now.

    2 November 2019 at 01:35
  • Reply Traci Edwards

    I have never eaten pumpkin, but I LOVE pumpkin seeds! Now this has me curious to try it in a different way.

    2 November 2019 at 04:34
  • Reply Natalie

    Pumpkin soup and pie are soo good! I still need to make some pie this year, I’ve been craving it.

    2 November 2019 at 19:34
  • Reply Susan1375

    I always thought pumpkins were grown just to carve. It’s interesting they have lots of health benefits too.

    2 November 2019 at 21:23
  • Reply Lyosha

    My personal main reason to eat it is taste. but I do know it is good for health. I loved your post because it just gives me more reasons to enjoy it
    Lyosha recently posted…MFW, day 1My Profile

    2 November 2019 at 21:24
  • Reply David Elliott

    I didn’t realize that it helped with cancer and weight loss. As my daughter’s mom has issues with cancer I will definitely have to increase the pumpkin in the diet.
    David Elliott recently posted…A Double Identity Crisis- A Review Of Zombieland 2: Double TapMy Profile

    3 November 2019 at 19:02
  • Reply Hannah Marie

    These are the exact reasons why I love it very much. It is healthy and absolutely tasty. Pumpkin lover here!

    4 November 2019 at 12:19
  • Reply Myrah Duque

    Pumpkin is a staple at our household during the Fall season. I make a great Pumpkin pie. Your post is filled with inspiration.

    5 November 2019 at 16:31
  • Reply Cindy Ingalls

    Now I have even more ammunition for when people tease me about like pumpkin. It doesn’t just good, it’s good for you.

    20 November 2019 at 22:28
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