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5 things you need to know about toddlers

What you need to know to raise a toddlers

Toddlers are simply adorable. They are cute and funny. Especially when they mispronounce words over and over again. I really love it. I have a notebook with my son’s first words and I write it down every mispronounce word and what that word actually means. Also, I adore all those cuddles and giggles. Sometimes they are just so perfect. But there is always a ‘but’. Toddlers can be also like little monsters. They are cute but still kinda monsters. It’s really hard to understand their behaviour. There should be a guide with tips and instructions for parents to know how to survive toddlerhood.

So, here you have 5 things you should know about toddlers:

1. Mama! Mom! Mommy!

Prepare yourself for listening to it all day. Especially when your toddler will not see you for about two minutes. He will constantly follow you around. Just like in that short video

I know it looks so familiar and quite creepy. Don’t worry it will not stop the next couple of years. It will be just harder because they will start adding questions.

But when you will realise why they are doing it, it will be a little bit easier for you to accept it.

What you need to know about toddlers

2. Toddlers are mostly like divas

Yes, they are real celebrities. They need to have everything NOW. And you can’t say no if you don’t want to start a Third World War. You need to be very careful with them. They can cry without a reason. It’s really difficult to understand what they need or what they want. Why? Because they are changing their minds every 5 seconds. Exactly like divas.


3. Tantrums

Everyone knows what toddlers tantrums mean. EVERYONE even if they don’t have kids. If somehow you don’t know how toddlers tantrums look like here you have a lovely picture

Yep, they throw themselves on the floor, cream, shout etc. So, what you can do? I tested two methods which are work for us. First one it’s distraction method. Simply you need to show something to your toddler car, doll, bird, plane or whatever will be interesting for him. And the second method which is the best for me- ignoring. Every time my son is trying to throw himself on the floor I ignore it and pretend I do not see him. And about after 20 seconds, he stops his silly tantrum. If it will happen in a public place don’t worry just make sure they are in safe place ie. not in the middle of an aisle and ignore and pretend they are not yours. 

4. They do not understand a word NOT

I think they truly may not know what does it mean. My son looks like I speak to him in Chinese when I say don’t do that, you can’t etc. I need to repeat hundreds of time before he will get it. Sometimes I even begging to behave as he should. He thinks he can do everything that he wants and sometimes he is right because I have no power to fight. 

5. They are messy

Very, very messy…They always find opportunities to get dirty. And you can’t help it. You need to understand that it doesn’t help if you will clean after your toddler every 20 minutes. It will kill you. They are exploring absolutely everything plus they feeding themselves (mostly) so deal with it. And it’s time to accept everyday laundry.

Don’t worry it will not last forever. And it’s totally worth it. Eventually, you will have better days. You will cheerfully dance and sing and see the world in brighter colours. And hat’s really strange you will find out you love it and you want more;)


Those kisses and hugs are all we want 🙂 Am I right?


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  • Reply Alannah Delgado

    Boy are you SO right. My son is a threenager.. I swear the 3’s are worse than the 2’s lol. He is so messy, I can be putting laundry away and cleaning one side of the room while on the opposite side he is making the biggest mess ever.

    4 July 2018 at 03:56
  • Reply Followingtherivera

    This is so funny! My niece is becoming a toddler, and she doesn’t understand ‘not’! I hope she doesn’t become a diva, but will have to wait and see!

    4 July 2018 at 12:08
  • Reply Nina

    this is so adorable and informative haha. I enjoyed reading about toddlers.

    4 July 2018 at 15:25
  • Reply Pearl

    I almost burst out laughing when I saw Stewie’s pic here- that’s truly a good baby monster example. This was truly fun to read.

    4 July 2018 at 17:17
  • Reply Heather

    Toddler is the stage that I enjoyed the most. As crazy as it was, it goes by so quickly.
    Heather recently posted…The Pros + Cons of an AllowanceMy Profile

    4 July 2018 at 21:01
  • Reply Marysa

    My kids are getting older, so I can definitely relate to this! The toddler years are tough, and things like travel and trips to the store have become so much easier. Toddlers can be quite the challenge 🙂

    5 July 2018 at 03:26
  • Reply Harish Joshi

    Haha, It’s really a cute post. Thanks for sharing this learning with me.

    5 July 2018 at 07:21
  • Reply Emma Riley

    I have toddler and I am experiencing all of these every time and everyday. Most especially always hearing the word MOMMY, MOMMY, MOMMY all the time.

    5 July 2018 at 08:05
  • Reply David Allen Elliott

    I have seen a lot of these behaviors in toddlers, but for some reason I never had to experience many of them with my daughter. Sure she was a little self-centered, but not nearly as much as I would have thought.

    5 July 2018 at 22:33
  • Reply Nina Kasper

    So many great points here! I could have used this when my nephew was younger!!! I was at a lost with him and this would have been amazing to reference!

    5 July 2018 at 23:44
  • Reply Lydia Samson

    Haha! I love that “Mom..momma” clip, it always makes me laugh. Great post and tips on how to help the toddler years be easier.

    6 July 2018 at 17:34
  • Reply Tanya

    I am not looking forward to the toddler years of having a baby I must admit but I know it’s worth it once they get passed this stage, especially when they learn what no means ha

    8 July 2018 at 13:16
  • Reply allchatroom

    It is very amazing . Thank you for sharing great post

    12 July 2018 at 15:40
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