8 Tips for stress free family holidays

8 Tips for stress free family holiday

Is it possible to have stress free family holidays?

Going abroad for a holiday with kids is always a big challenge. First of all, you need to plan everything a month before you will hit your destination. Of course, you know there will be always an obstacle. You will need to choose the perfect time for your flight. As a Mom who flights a lot, I recommend mid-morning flights. It means you don’t need to get up too early in the morning and you also won’t arrive too late at night. We know that kids have their sleep pattern and it’s not the best idea to ruin it.

And you need to remember to take some toys, books, crayons anything that can help to entertain those ‘little devils’. Do not forget to take your kids a special toy. Never ever. And do not lose it! Because your kid will lose his mind.

Also, you will need to pack all the members of your family. Don’t even try to deny that it will be different. So check the weather for the time of your journey, check your kid’s wardrobes and do shopping before it will be too late. They grow too fast so they always need new clothes.

What else you can do to have a stress free family holidays?

You can follow our 8 simple tips:

  1. Find the destination that will be enjoyed by all members of your family. Every family has their favourite way of spending a holiday. You can choose if you prefer theme parks, explore cities, sunbathing or wildlife.8 Tips for stress free family holiday
  2. Don’t forget to pack baby sling/carrier. Obviously, it depends on kids’ age but if you have children from 0 to 3 years it’s a must. Seriously even now when our son is a 3-year-old we are planning to take our baby carrier with us. It will be easier to use it in a place where it’s hard to manoeuvre with a stroller. Plus he is always tired after a five-minute walk.
  3. Family rules. It’s good to write a few rules which everyone needs to follow. For example, everyone needs to be awake before 9 am, always be close to your parents, do not talk to strangers, etc. Everything that can help your family feel more comfortable in a new place.
  4. Find a perfect place to stay. Ideally a house with separate rooms for everyone and a good amount of bathrooms (to not kill each other). 8 Tips for stress free family holidayObviously, a place that is child- friendly. To find that place you can try a good rated properties finder like villa finder. All the properties are spot on because their villas are inspected and handpicked to ensure they are of high quality. Also, there is a concierge team to take care of all clients from the moment they look for a villa (helping them search for the right villas that meet their requirements), to the moment they leave the villa (arranging anything from stocking the fridge, booking a dinner, planning a party, tour activities, etc.).
  5. Self-catering– For us, it’s the best solution. We can sleep as long as we want and we can decide what time we will be eating. Plus there is no stress that kids will behave like devils in the restaurant.
  6. Plan your holiday activities– It’s good to plan one activity every day. Try to plan it together with your kids. You can check blogs, Youtube channels, everything that can help you to find the most exciting activities in your destination.8 Tips for stress free family holiday
  7. Travel insurance– do not forget about it. If you will book your insurance you will feel more comfortable and, relaxed and you know you will have everything under control in case.
  8. Something new for everyone to start a lovely holiday- I always try to buy for our son a new toy, magazine or some sweets. I’m not giving it to him straight away. I like to wait for a security check and after that when we are waiting for our plane he is getting his new treat. It’s a really good way to keep him entertained at an airport. And you are ready for your stress free family holidays!

I know there is a lot to remember and there is a lot more to plan when we talk about stress free family holidays but you need to know that perfection doesn’t exist. Do not panic if you will be not able to stick to the plan for the whole time. You can be spontaneous from time to time. Remember that you are going there to rest (a little bit) so do not hesitate to improvised. Even if it means you will need to allow your kids to eat as many ice creams as they want. And in case you would like to take a newborn for your holiday we have for you some top 5 tips to make it less stressful.

Let me know how do you plan your stress free family holidays. Do you know other tips to make a family holiday less stressful?

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  • Reply Cindy B

    These are great tips to keep in mind over the Holidays!

    11 October 2019 at 19:07
  • Reply Nyxie

    Great tips here! You’ve included all the important stuff (Insurance etc) and then some I wouldn’t have really thought of such as ‘Something New’ for the kids!

    11 October 2019 at 20:14
  • Reply Patricia M.

    This are great tips, if you have a great plan in place the chances of something going wrong a lessen cause you can follow the plan.

    12 October 2019 at 00:35
  • Reply Erika Ramona

    Another tip to make a family holiday less stressful is to just go with the flow. I mean if something does not go your way as you planned then let it be. Being flexible when traveling is also important.
    Erika Ramona recently posted…Alegria & Badian, CebuMy Profile

    12 October 2019 at 03:48
  • Reply Gideon Akachukwu Okorie

    Those are some very helpful tips, thanks for sharing..

    12 October 2019 at 16:30
  • Reply Natalia

    I don’t have my own family, but getting stressed before going on holidays is one of my nightmares. Hope your tips will allow me to enjoy this time a little bit more. 🙂

    12 October 2019 at 19:58
  • Reply Enriqueta E Lemoine

    Very useful tips for family traveling. Thanks for sharing.
    Enriqueta E Lemoine recently posted…Blueberry Cottage Cheese PancakesMy Profile

    13 October 2019 at 07:04
  • Reply Lyanna Soria

    Those are some important points to remember before going on a family holiday. I like to plan beforehand to make sure everything is set and ready to avoid complications.

    13 October 2019 at 16:34
  • Reply Jen Walker

    We took a later flight to Hawaii once with our then two year old, and he opted to not nap on the plane (yikes!) and was up when we got there at 2am our time! It was a little rough at the time, but he was shockingly on Hawaii’s time zone the next day! Wouldn’t exactly recommend it though…..

    15 October 2019 at 05:47
  • Reply Mommy Sigrid

    Our kids never did liked the carrier or the stroller. So we had to carry them. Now, they are bigger, so we are happy they can walk on their own for long distances. 🙂

    20 October 2019 at 15:30
  • Reply Cindy Ingalls

    These are so helpful, especially with holiday travel season coming up. Anything that can help reduce stress on family trips is helpful.

    24 October 2019 at 03:47
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