Hello and Welcome to my Blog

I’m a Mum to a Little Prince- a little Baby with Huge personality. Wife of Mr I know everything 😉 And obviously I’m a creator of this little blog.

Who am I?

I’m 29 year old crazy mummy and lovely wife 🙂 Together with my boys we live in Spalding little town in Lincolnshire in UK.  The most important person in the house is Little Prince second place Mr I know everything (known as a husband) and last but not least (not so bad 3rd place brown medal:D) me-Ohmummymia aka Mommie :).

Why I start this blog ?

Little bit for myself, for my family and for people who will be reading it. It will be like my diary and guidebook for other mums. I ope to create a space where Mom can connect with other Moms.

Whats on blog?

I will be writing about life. Being more specific about our little family life. You will read here about our ups and downs. We love to travel so you will be able to read about our adventures. I will create for you lovely recipes. Mostly dairy and gluten free as I’m intolerant. Plus our son will show you his favourites clothes.

Take a look around for our recent posts. We are glad you are here!

Thanks for stopping by 🙂

P.S I almost forgot the most important thing! I’m not English so be gentle if you see any mistakes and please don’t feel offend.