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#BabyLove: My toddler life by Corine Dehghanpisheh- review

Book review-my toddler life

Some time ago I’ve written about Moms who are using their phone for all day long. (You can find it here Mommy please look at me, not your phone!). So when I was asked for reviewing a book ‘My toddler life’ which is talking about the similar problem, I was really happy.

Does your toddler love to play with your phone?

Book review- my toddler life

I think most of you will say yes. But did you think for a minute ‘why?’ If not you definitely need to get that book. It’s not a big surprise if your baby sees you every day with your smartphone that he wants to play with it. The same was with a toddler and his mom from Corine’s book. When Mommy finds him using her phone without permission, it’s the perfect teaching moment. Mommy reminds her little one that what matters most in life is time together filled with love and attention.

It’s not an only good story for kids but obviously for all parents. There is a little simple reminder: ‘Put down our phones’. Cherish those moments that most important in your life. Do not show to your baby that your phone is in the first place.

I really like that book. I like the idea that is addressed to adults as well. Plus my son likes it. He is smiling at that little boy every time we read it:)

About Corine Dehghanpisheh

Book review-My baby Toddler

Corine Dehghanpisheh is an award winning children’s book author and illustrator based in NY City.

When she is not busy being creative, she is most likely having fun taking pictures of her family.

Corine is a Mom’s Choice Awards® Silver Recipient and a Next Generation Indie Author Finalist for her debut children’s book Can We Play Again?

What kind of books do you like to read to your child? Maybe you’ve already known that author?

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post

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  • Reply Shell

    I don’t have a toddler but I have a special needs child who I care for at home and homeschool… I turn my phone off in the morning when we work on school work and physical therapy and don’t turn it back on till later in the day. I don’t see any need to constantly have my phone on and if I get a call that’s important they’ll leave a message… I think people in general are too connected to their phones…

    10 September 2017 at 01:19
  • Reply Kristy | Napkin Soup

    This is a great reminder and wake-up call. I theoretically value being fully present with my kids when I’m with them, but in reality all too often I do check my phone in front of them mindlessly (and frequently). And I’m sure they notice. I’ll have to check the book out, thanks for the idea 🙂

    10 September 2017 at 05:21
  • Reply Mich

    Whenever I spend time with my little cutie, I also do always keep away my phone.He is so active that I can’t afford to keep my eyes away from him. This post reminds us to enjoy the childhood of our babies for they won’t be at that stage forever. Thanks for sharing.

    10 September 2017 at 13:14
  • Reply Kellie

    While there is lots of truth to this, toddlers also enjoy phones because they like pushing buttons, enjoy lights and sounds, videos, and songs. I have a two year old, and she likes to watch PBSkids on my phone (we don’t have a TV), or listen to music, FaceTime with her grandparents/aunts, etc. I’m not bothered by it. I think everything in moderation, and content matters!

    I am a working parent so I have limited time with my kids. When we are together, I enjoy screen free time. We love to read books and play board games, or GO places (park, museums, etc)

    11 September 2017 at 03:47
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