I’m bottle feeding mum and I’m the best mum for my baby

I agree that breastfeeding is the best for babies but it is not the only way. You have choice! Yes you have, even if everyone around you saying something else. I was going to breastfeed. I really wanted to do that. All my pregnancy (42 wks) I was preparing myself for breastfeeding. Unfortunately my labour was very stressful and I couldn’t stop thinking about it. All the time in my head was sound of my baby’s heart which was slowing down. I don’t need to tell you how frightened I was.

Of course my LP is very happy and healthy baby but after my bad (almost depressing) mood I didn’t have a lot of milk 🙁 When I was trying expressing milk it was only 30 ml from both breast. Surprisingly electric pump was worst than hand pump :0 So what I did? Simple answer. My baby need to eat + I can’t give him as much as he need = formula.

Yes I’m a bottle feeding mum and I’m a proud mum. Every mum is doing for her baby everything what she can. We shouldn’t judge formula mums because we don’t know they stories. Even if some of us doing it only because of our comfort. (I still think that is stupid explanation because preparing formula is taking much more time than taking out breast. But hey still a lot of people think that we doing it because it’s easier). That’s our right. We have choice. We are only human being we are not a robots.

I don’t understand why on so many websites, forums, blogs etc breastfeeding mums are fighting with bottle feedings mums. Our babies need to eat and it doesn’t matter for them how they doing it. They want MILK. Ask your parents how they fed you. They didn’t have formula we ate cow milk. So why there is so many vicious opinion about formula? As I know producers trying to do powder which is very similar to mother milk. Even midwives talking only about breastfeeding. They trying not to mention about other ways. That’s why so many women are depressed.

I was feeling like the worst mum in the world. Literally. But my husband open my eyes. He said ‘Our son is hungry you can’t give him more milk. Is not your fault. We need to give him powder milk where do you see a problem?’ It wasn’t a problem that was only my attitude. All the time I was hearing breastfeeding is the best, breastfeeding is the only way to bond with your baby etc. What’s a bulls*it. I love my baby from the moon and back so our bond is magical without it. We should stop arguing. It’s a waste of time because there will be always two sides with their rights. We should start saying that the best for our babies is to feed them, love them, play with them no matter how. Simply make them happy.

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  • Reply Anya

    Breastmilk is always the healthiest option. However, breastfeeding is not always the best choice for mother and baby and formula isn’t poison. It’s just as unhealthy for a baby to have a mum who is depressed and not coping. Most mothers make the best choices for their children. You have a beautiful baby who is happy and healthy that is the most important thing.

    22 August 2016 at 16:19
    • Reply ohmummymia

      Yes I agree we should do everything what is good for both: mummy and baby 🙂

      22 August 2016 at 21:18
  • Reply bread

    You’ve made the best choice for your baby. My wife is breastfeeding, my sister couldn’t. Neither of her child are worse off for it. You have freedom of choice and feeding your child is the most important thing.

    22 August 2016 at 21:05
    • Reply ohmummymia

      🙂 Well done I hope your wife and baby are ok 🙂

      22 August 2016 at 21:20
  • Reply Petite Words

    Such a good post, it’s really important that new mumas feel supported not outcast for doing what they feel best. Happy and healthy baby is what we’re aiming for, that’s all that matters! #fartglitter

    22 August 2016 at 21:40
  • Reply Life as Mum

    I formula bottle fed my two girls {now aged 4 and 6} and I now breastfeed my son who is 5 weeks. It was my decision to bottle feed my girls and my decision to breastfeed my son. I joined a breastfeeding group whilst I was pregnant with my son because although I wanted to breastfeed – I had no clue about it really. I ended up leaving because there were so many bitchy comments against formula fed mums. It’s such a shame that some mums can be so judgemental on the decision mums feed their babies.

    22 August 2016 at 21:46
    • Reply ohmummymia

      That really make me mad why people need to be so judgemental? I don’t understand that. Mothers should support each other.

      22 August 2016 at 21:51
  • Reply Julia

    Amen, sister! Between my kids and my nieces and nephews there was are exclusively breast fed, exclusively bottle fed and a combination of breast and bottle. All five of them are healthy and happy, it doesn’t matter what you feed your baby as long as you feed it!

    23 August 2016 at 03:53
  • Reply Rhyming with Wine

    You hit the nail on the head lovely. There is such a lot of pressure on new mums to breastfeed and it isn’t always handled in the right way which can leave mums feeling useless and helpless at a time when they are racing with hormones and generally need their confidence levels building up, not pulling down. I believe that every mum has to do what is right for her. It’s important to give mums the information so that they can make an informed choice as to what they want to do, but breastfeeding should not be a big stick to beat mummies with. Very well said. Thanks for linking with #fartglitter – hope to see you again next week! xx

    25 August 2016 at 14:15
    • Reply ohmummymia

      Thank you for nice words 🙂 of course I’m waiting for next week that was a pleasure

      25 August 2016 at 14:37
  • Reply This Mum's Life

    Yes, I totally and utterly agree! I bottle fed both of my children, for the same reason as you. I’m all for celebrating breastfeeding, and breast feeding support, but in these groups there is no need and no place for formula bashing. All mothers need to be supported no matter what their choice!! My health visitor told me that formula so closely mimics breast milk nowadays, that the only real difference is the colostrum, which babies who are bottle fed from the start won’t have. Other than that, there’s no real difference! My husband wasn’t even fed formula, he was fed coronation milk!!!!!! And he is never ill, highly intelligent, and has none of the ‘ailments’ that formula bashers would tell you he should have! Thank you for an honest, supportive post!

    25 August 2016 at 17:33
    • Reply ohmummymia

      Thank you for that comment:) :*

      25 August 2016 at 18:13
  • Reply mumconventional

    Wow, I see what you mean about how our posts are very similar! (

    Honestly, I can’t believe how alike our stories are. I managed to feed my baby for 8 weeks, but as you said, when you aren’t producing what can you do?!

    I think its unfair for anyone to scrutinise you depending on your decision.

    I once heard someone say “fed babies are the best”, as opposed to “breast fed”, and they were so true. Formula helped my little boy to thrive. I am so glad you are happier now

    Thank you so much for your comment on my post X

    30 August 2016 at 20:17
    • Reply ohmummymia

      Thank you that you had time to pop in 🙂 I did the same for 8 weeks but I had to expressing milk for all day to have two feeds for night. Now we are all happy 🙂 Good luck with you blog 🙂

      30 August 2016 at 20:25
  • Reply Samantha

    You are so right. I am so sick of the whole discussion. I have to feed my baby with formula, too. And I dont want to discuss the problems why I have to do this with every stranger on the street! But it seems that when you take out a bottle everyone on the street becomes an expert in feeding babies and asks you why you dont feed your kid with the breast. More funny it gets, when I am on the street with a good friend of mine, who breastfeeds her child. If she wants to feed her, people looks disturbed because of the naked breast. Seems like no matter how you want to feed your child, everything is wrong. So dont let anybody tell you, you are a bad mom, because of your feeding habbits. They just want to aggrandise theirselfs. I can tell, that I love my child more than anything else on this planet – and yes: I feed her with formula! I made a lot of research for finding the best formula and am very proud of it. It is pure organic, without synthetics, without GMO and without added sugar. I spend a lot of money to get it from the european market and am very happy with it. For every mom who wants to have a healthy formula for their kid, I can recommend Holle organic formula. 🙂


    25 September 2016 at 22:29
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