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Christmas gift guide for Him/Her and giveaway!

I know it’s hard to believe but…Christmas is coming!

And now it’s a perfect time to think about Christmas gifts for your family members, friends, colleagues. Basically for everyone who matters. Giving someone a gift it’s the most exciting part for me. I just like to know that I’ve made someone happy.

Especially during Christmas. It’s such a special time in the year that we all want to expresses how much we care about others, in a way that goes beyond just words. That’s why every year we’re trying to buy perfect gifts. Some people would say that is not a rocket science. But I know that it’s not so easy to meet someone’s expectations.

Gift ideas for Him/Her

That’s why you are here. Looking for some inspiration. And I’m almost sure you will find here your perfect gift. So sit back, relax and grab yourself a nice cup of coffee. I did all work for you and put together best gifts selection for Him/Her.

Home Brew Kits

We all know someone who loves beer. So why not make that person happy and give her an opportunity to make her own beer. Believe me, it’s the best gift idea ever. My husband enjoys it and he was excited like a little boy. For me, it was more like a curiosity. I wanted to know if we are able to make a tasty beer by ourselves. Plus I like to know what’s inside my food and drinks. And with Home Brew, I can make beer from scratch using all natural, raw ingredients rather than a pre-mix. Their all-grain small batch homebrewing kits are easy to prepare and you don’t need a lot of space in your kitchen. Also, easy-to-follow recipes and customisable options make it a good fit for the novice to expert.

best ideas for Christmas gifts

Claire Russell, co-owner of Home Brewtique says: “Our homebrew kits are the one-stop shop for anyone who has a dedicated beer-lover in their lives – or even someone who just loves to spend time cooking and playing with flavours. And I’m sure for 100% that you have at least one person in your family who would love to get that kind of gift. If you are still not sure, check all kit options for this Christmas:

  • Christmas Dream Kit (£147) which includes everything you need to start a nano-brewery. Includes all your brewing equipment, an 11L stainless steel premium stock pot, set of swing-top beer bottles, a beer recipe of your choice and a set of four craft beer tulip glasses.
  • Craft Beer Gift Kit (£87) provides the basic brewing equipment needed and the option for a recipe voucher if you’re not sure which recipe to choose. Includes the option to personalise the beer bottle labels for a truly unique gift.

Home Brew best gift for Christmas

For the experienced small-batch brewers with any brewing equipment, we are offering some exciting ingredient recipe packs and stocking stuffer ideas.

  • ‘Three Kings’ IPA Recipe Trio (£60) includes the premium ingredients to make a Mosaic Hop IPA, Multi-Hop IPA with a blend of six hop varieties and an Imperial strength IPA.
  • Chocolate Orange Milk Stout Recipe Pack (£22) for the experienced small-batch brewer who wants to try out a new festive recipe this season.
  • GRAINSTAY TM (£9) a small batch brewing bag for the experienced brewer with a different brewing kit. Use Home Brewtique’s unique brewing bag to simplify your brew day. 

Family Games from Jaques of London

Who doesn’t like play games with a family? Especially when the weather is bad and everyone complain how bored they are. But what’s more important board games help to build a bond with all family members. They are a great way to bring everyone back together in a fun, relaxing environment. You will be giving your family undivided attention and build a closer connection. So, where you can get the best family games? You can buy them online from Jaques of London, the oldest sports and games manufacturer in the world!

best ideas for Christmas gifts

Believe or not but their most notable achievements include the invention of some of the world’s most popular sports and games, including Croquet, Happy Families, Tiddly-Winks, Ludo and Snakes & Ladders as well as the reinvention and popularisation of Chess and Table Tennis. So, without a doubt, Jaques of London is the best choice when we talk about family games. Also, their packaging looks lovely so you don’t need any extra gift bags etc.

Best ideas for Christmas gifts

Buckley London jewellery gifts

If you want to show a woman how much you love her you should buy her a nice piece of jewellery. I’m quite sure she would appreciate that commitment. Besides Jewellery always fits that’s why it’s a perfect gift. This year Buckley London’s Christmas gift range includes baubles, crackers and a Christmas card all containing jewellery items. I love that packaging idea!

best ideas for Christmas gifts

Jewellery in a Christmas cracker style box or in a festive bauble decoration, which can also be used as a beautiful tree ornament, it’s a bull’s eye!

Winter style with Buffwear

We always want to take care of those who we love. We want to make them feel warm and comfortable. That’s why very often we buy for them as Christmas presents hats, gloves and scarfs or even cosy socks.  So, this year you should check some ideas from top quality and leading sports head and neckwear brand Buff.

Best ideas for Christmas gifts

Available in a wide variety of colours and styles, the Buff range has something for everyone and will protect your loved ones from the elements this winter in comfort and style. They are really warm, stylish and high-end products. We really recommend them.

Beauty products

Do you know any lady who needs to relax? I’m sure you do. So why not to spoil her this Christmas with a Moroccan Hammam Spa Ritual from Vie Naturals. Each set consists of Beldi Black Soap with Eucalyptus (200g), Rhassoul Clay (200g) from the Atlas Mountains and Argan Oil (50ml), all sourced from Morocco for an authentic Hammam experience, one of the oldest cleansing traditions in the world.

Best ideas for Christmas gifts

It’s suitable for all skin types, the Vie Naturals Moroccan Hammam Spa Ritual costs £18.95 and is available from Maybe it does not smell like roses but at least you can be sure for 100% that you will get products made from natural ingredients which is a big plus for me.

Olverum Bath Oil

It is a real magic in a bottle! It smells so nice that I don’t want to leave my bath till my water is still warm. I always feel relaxed after I use Olverum bath oil. Also, my skin is so soft that I don’t need to use a body lotion after a couple minutes in a water with Olverum Oil. So, do not hesitate to get one of that lovely bottle for someone who is precious for you.

best ideas for Christmas gifts

You can choose from 3 different bottle sizes:

  • 125ml size for £32.00 and it’s enough for 25 baths
  • 250ml size for £58 and enough for 50 baths
  • The travel set (3x15ml) is £22 and enough for 9 baths

Their main stockists are Liberty, Conran, Harvey Nichols and Fenwick.

Hype and Zoella Christmas Launches

We love beauty products. Perfumes, lipsticks, body lotions, creams and many, many, many more. The only problem is that you have so many amazing brands on the market that’s hard to choose one. Especially on Christmas all brands preparing special gift sets. And very often I can’t resist and I buy too many of them. This year will be easier because I had the opportunity to check some of them. Zoella and Hype realised nice and affordable Christmas ideas for him/her

I’ve got lipstick set and perfumes. They are perfect for having them in a handbag. They are small and don’t need a lot of space which is good because my bag is full of surprises and has a problem with a free space. So if you are looking for perfect stocking fillers you should choose those sets without any hesitations.

Make your man feels special with Dobell

It’s always hard for me to choose a perfect gift for my husband because he has everything (beautiful and smart wife). He always says he doesn’t need anything. But there is something that every man will appreciate. A suit.

Best ideas for Christmas gifts

It’s like a beautiful dress for a woman or as a new pair of shoes. A man loves suits. And I don’t blame them because they look amazing wearing it.

best ideas for Christmas gifts

Also, they like stylish accessories (wallets, belts, bow ties etc). To get the best ones you should go to check Dobell. They have everything that man needs for this Christmas.


Every Mom needs a little bit more positivity in her life. They work hard and quite often they forget about themselves. Moms always put kids and other family members before them. So they should get a really special gift this year. Something that will make them feel appreciated.

best Christmas ideas for gifts

Something that will tell them that they are really important. Isabella and Us. have a gift which makes every Mom happy.

best Christmas ideas for gifts

Not only during a Christmas time but for the whole year. I love all the gift sets you can buy on the website. It’s a gift of positivity packed in a beautiful box.

best Christmas ideas for gifts

Better You 

BetterYou it’s innovative natural health company specialising in the supplementation of the growing number of key nutrients lost through our dramatically changing diet and lifestyle. Their products are cruelty-free which means they are not tested on animals! I can recommend Magnesium Flakes (£9.95 1kg bag) and  Sleep Lotion (£9.95) as perfect stocking fillers for this Christmas.

Best ideas for Christmas gifts

They are so gentle that even pregnant ladies can use them. I’ve ever used before Magnesium Flakes but now I can’t imagine my foot bath without them.

Dotty About Paper

Do you know anyone who loves stationery? With Dotty About Paper, you will find a perfect gift for everyone who is organised and planning everything in advance. Stylish and gorgeous notebooks are must have. As a busy Mom, I use thousands of notebooks but the one from Dotty About Paper looks like million dollars.

Best ideas for Christmas gifts

A whimsical wash of dainty marble elegance covers the front and back of this luxurious linen notebook. It’s great for keeping with you on the go, for decorating your personal desk, or for keeping in the office.

Best ideas for Christmas gifts

You cannot open a book without learning something

My house is full of books. As me and my husband loves to read we’ve decided that we will try to pass that passion for books to our son. Sometimes I think he has more books than toys. If we don’t know what to buy to each other we simply check new titles on the market. This year we have two positions for the recommendation. First one is reserved for parents who want to understand their own kids and make their future a little bit more brighter. It’s Brighter Futures by Everlief Child Pyschology Team. It tackles many of the challenges that face a child of this age in the modern world. Maybe a child is struggling to live life to the full. A highly qualified team of UK-based clinical psychologists will guide parents through exactly what to do, from figuring out the roots of the problem, to making and reviewing a manageable plan of action. Each chapter follows the same approach and contains tried and tested strategies that are practical and focused on specific areas of concern. Parents are encouraged to consider changes which could make a big difference. After a couple of pages, I know it will be a really important book which will help us in our hard parenting life.

best Christmas ideas for gifts

If you know someone who loves cooking and you don’t know what to buy for that person don’t worry I have something for you. It’s a really beautiful cookbook by Bryony Hill – Grow Happy, Cook Happy, Be Happy. The book is packed with practical gardening advice, cookery tips and mouth-wateringly easy-to-make recipes created to help you feel happy inside and out. Bryony Hill’s unique, friendly, relaxed style and instinctive warmth, guides you on a seasonal journey from garden to kitchen. I love that there are recipes for every season of the year. It’s a perfect book for everyone who’s looking for something new in their menus. And I have a good news for you.

You can win with us one of two copies of this amazing cookbook! Just simply take part in our competition. (UK ONLY)

a Rafflecopter giveaway


The brands included in this post asked for our opinion on the products featured from their range. All thoughts and opinions are our own.

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  • Reply Sarah Bailey

    I can’t believe Christmas is already on its way! This is a great list of present ideas, I think my Dad would like the brewing kit!

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    I would like to have something new on my menu

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    what a great list you got here! i like craft beer idea as it is unique and personalized! and wow, how this year passed by so fast!

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    Lovely gift ideas , thank you x

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    Would be nice to try some new recipes out on my family

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    My husband struggles every year to find good gifts … I’m sending this link to him, to help him out this year. Hopefully he’ll be less stressed.

    13 November 2018 at 01:28
  • Reply Emma Riley

    You have a great list of gift ideas in this article and now, I know what gift I should give for to my sisters this Christmas.

    13 November 2018 at 03:13
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    Like to win for my wife

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    Your list is good but for me it is like, u gift me books and I will cook anything u wanna eat.

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    I’m trying to come-off antidepressants so hopefully a change in diet will help

    13 November 2018 at 14:25
  • Reply Sheena Batey

    I need a little help in all of these areas

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  • Reply Cindy Dent Gordon

    You have listed some great ideas and I have to agree, everyone likes to play family games. I think I will start there.

    14 November 2018 at 04:40
  • Reply Vanessa Delia

    It seems like there is plenty of time before Christmas until you start planning to order some of these wonderful gifts. Christmas is so close! Time to get ordering.

    14 November 2018 at 04:42
  • Reply Ruth Harwood

    I love to explore new cuisine and different ways of cooking the foods that I know xx

    14 November 2018 at 08:46
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    Looks good for my teen

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    Would love something new to cook.

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    I would love to find some new healthier recipes to try out

    16 November 2018 at 11:56
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    Because I love cooking and I am tired of using the same old cookbooks. I need some more inspiration

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    I love cooking new food recipes for my family so i’d love to try this books recipes out.

    19 November 2018 at 20:41
  • Reply Deirdre M

    I would love to win the book as I am more stressed than I should be. I love cooking – it relaxes me so this book would inspire me in that way and also remind me to be happy at the same time!

    20 November 2018 at 11:26
  • Reply Laura Turner

    I look after my mum who has dementia and am always trying to find nutritious meals to keep her well. This book would be good for both of us.

    20 November 2018 at 20:07
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    I do like a cook book. I love trying new and exciting recipes!

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    I should win this book because I have a garden that is vastly underused and I love cooking so it’s time I grew my own vegetables.

    21 November 2018 at 23:45
  • Reply Natalie Crossan

    I’m trying to improve my cooking so this would be helpful for me!

    22 November 2018 at 00:08
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    Perfect! Love that you’ve listed so many gift recommendations! Guys are so hard to shop for imo!

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