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Easter Gift Guide for Kids and Toddlers

Gift ideas for Easter

Easter is just around the corner! I can’t believe how time is flying by. But yeah the reality is telling me that we’ re just a couple of weeks away from the Easter bunny coming to visit us. So it’s the perfect time to prepare a list of gifts for kids and toddlers.

My list is quite long but you will have a lot of ideas for filling your kids Easter basket to make their mood on Easter morning.  I’ve picked great gifts at a variety of price points. You don’t need to spend a lot of money to see the smile on your kid’s faces. I’ve got you covered.

The Wannabees

Wannabees- easter gift guide

The award-winning Wannabee Range for ages 5-11-year-olds provides everything children need to ‘pretend’ to be the profession of their choice. They contain lots of exciting forms to fill in, stickers, and certificates that children will need to feel like they are truly ‘playing for real’. The Wannabees range currently has ‘I Want to be a Teacher’, ‘I Want to be a Doctor’ and ‘I Want to be a Café Owner’. Priced at just £14.99 they are the perfect gift for any youngster who loves to role play. For more details visit their website.

Teether Baby Boutique

Personalised gifts for Easter


Here you can find lots of cute and unique items such as personalised baby clothes! I believe I don’t need to mention one more time why I love personalised gift. It just adds something a little special 🙂 I’m sure that every kid will love pyjama with his name or his favourite quote. And the quality is really god what’s important when you are buying clothes for kids. To view the full range of Teether Baby Boutique clothes visit their website.

Bean boozled game from Funkypigeon

Gift ideas for easter

Another alternative to chocolate! It’s sweet and will give your kids a lot of fun. The Bean Boozled game will let your kid win a yummy treat or something not quite so tasty! From Lawn clippings to Tutti Fruitti this pack contains weird and wild flavours. It’s available online here.


Printsome is the online custom apparel agency which provides the best user experience starting at the first contact and continuing well beyond the completion of the project. You can get for your kid a perfect t-shirt with your very own personalised message. And I’m sure he will keep it forever. Create your own custom T-shirt as a lovely gift.

Bunny Jump game University Games

Gifts Ideas for easter

Without a doubt, it’s a perfect game for Easter.

Safely sitting on top of his burrow, the Bunny watches his carrot field. Pull out the carrots, but be careful not to frighten him! Stay focused and be ready to catch him when he jumps in the air! Be the player who’s collected the most carrots when the game ends.

The game was made for kids 5+. The number of players: 2-4. RRP £19.99

Room To Grow

Gifts ideas for kids and toddlers

Room To Grow is British Children’s furniture and accessories retailer, specialising in creating practical, yet beautifully stylish bedrooms for children. They have something that can satisfy every kid on Earth. What is it? An awesome Snuggle Sac!

Gift ideas for kids and toddlers

My son has one with Dinosaur but you can explore their website for more designs. Snuggle Sac is the perfect sleeping bag that can make life a whole lot easier – great for holidays, long car journeys, sleeping all night every night, snuggling on the sofa or for sleepovers. Also, they can easily be store in your children’s wardrobe. I can really recommend it! It’s super soft and can be popped in the washing machine and tumble dried.

Gift ideas for kids and toddlers

My son couldn’t be more than happy especially that he is dinosaur freak. He can now pretend that he is one of them:P For us it’s the perfect present!

BMX from

Gifts ideas for easter-mini bmx

It’s something bigger and you will need to spend more money but it’s definitely worth it. This mini BMX is the hottest one on the market. The Renegade BMX comes complete with Aluminium Pedals, an Aluminium seat post, Hi-Ten Steel forks and 10-inch steel rims with 350 air tyres! The handlebars measure 64x32cm and have been finished off with an awesome Neon colour paint. When my son unboxed it he was really amazed. He needs to wait for his first unassisted ride but he can’t resist to at least sit on it. If you are still not convinced to buy it check website for more details.

If you have big fans of Teletubbies at home you will be happy to see all gift ideas from DHX Media. You can choose pyjama with Teletubbies, books, chocolate Easter Eggs, plush toys and many more.
Gift ideas for Easter Gift ideas for Easter Gifts ideas for Easter
Wooden toys
We love wooden toys and we try to get them as many as possible. You can buy beautiful wooden toys from Mulberry Bush. They have dolls house, wooden trains, specially selected toys for babies and toddlers. You can visit their website to know more details.
Hopefully, this has given you a few ideas for great gifts! Happy Easter everyone!

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post

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  • Reply Jessica

    Can’t believe how quickly Easter is approaching! That bunny game looks cute – pretty sure my toddler would love it!

    21 March 2018 at 22:14
  • Reply Holly

    I’m thinking I’m going to order the BeanBoozled for my 9 year old. He got in the car at pick up and apparently someone had brought this to school today… and the bean flavor my son ate was apparently dirty socks! I was grossed out, lol, but it’s all he has talked about all afternoon! Great recommendations on your list!

    21 March 2018 at 23:07
  • Reply Flossie McCowald | SuperMomHacks

    This is an interesting collection. We don’t go for big gifts at Easter, but then again, our kids’ birthdays being somewhat close to Easter means it’s better to give them larger gifts then.

    22 March 2018 at 13:02
  • Reply meg

    These are so cute, I’m always looking for things that are not candy related for easter baskets.

    23 March 2018 at 00:02
  • Reply Abby D

    These are such great gift ideas! Meanwhile, we’re still trying to figure out if we are even getting the kids gifts or baskets for easter! Haha. Thanks for sharing this!

    23 March 2018 at 03:57
  • Reply Sarah

    I love the little sleep sac. So cute. Definitely a great gift idea.

    23 March 2018 at 16:43
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