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Probably I don’t know any woman who didn’t want to lose some weight after pregnancy. For me, it was important as well. Maybe not the most important part of being new Mom but one of my main priorities. On the beginning, I didn’t think about it because I was focused on my baby. Really focused. I was forgetting about myself. I didn’t have time to eat properly. I was eating like a bird. And a sandwich was a big luxury. So, I was quite confused when my scale was still showing some extra kgs. It was hard for me to accept it. I wanted to look good for myself and for my husband. Plus I don’t want to start (one day) second pregnancy with extra weight from the first one.

No time for diet

Best service for you from Bidvine

I didn’t know how I should start my diet. I didn’t have time for cooking and preparing special menus, shopping list etc. I’m not a personal trainer or nutritionist so I didn’t want to guess what I need to eat to lose all my pregnancy weight. What was important for me? To be fit and strong for my baby. The starvation diet is not my thing. So, the nutritionist was the one and only solution.

New solution

Perfect service for you from Bidvine

Because of lack of spare time I’ve decided to find help on the Internet. And what I’ve learned? That finding a right service can be really hard. But when you can use the web like Bidvine everything is simpler. You can compare there your local nutritionist and (what’s more important) their prices. They even can send you recommendations! In just a few clicks you can find the perfect solution.

How to start

Best service for you from Bidvine

Simply you need to visit Bidvine website. Answer the question What service do you need and put your postcode. After that, you will need to answer on few questions to make sure they bring you the right pros. As we want  to find a nutritionist some of our questions are:

  • Why do you require a nutritionist? (one of the options is Postanal/Prenatal!)
  • Any special circumstances?
  • When do you need Nutritionist?

Then you can create your account and choose to receive your information via email or text. I can’t imagine getting best nutritionist from my area in a simpler way. After filling out the form you need to sit down, relaxed and wait for your service. Perfect for every busy Mom who wants to live healthier.


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  • Reply Diana

    This sounds like an interesting service. I might have to do some more research on it.

    29 July 2017 at 22:31
  • Reply Heidi

    Thank you for posting this! I may just look into it. Baby weight is so hard to lose!

    30 July 2017 at 00:07
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