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Free summer activities for toddlers

Summer kids activities without spending money

If you don’t have a lot of money to spend on your kids it doesn’t mean they need to spend that summer sitting at home and watching telly. Surprised? I will tell you even more. They don’t need to be glued to their tablets or your phones. Actually, it can be the best summer of their lives.

We planned our holiday for September so we had to figure out how to make our son busy this summer. Ideally, without spending a huge amount of money. As my husband is quite talented and he is very good with manual works and I have a lot of ideas in my head, we had a nice list of summer activities. Take a look!

DIY- Big Bus

We’ve decided to use our old cardboards to make something nice instead of buying another toy. We know that our son loves buses, so we made one for him. We used two boxes, brown tape, scissors, my husband imagination and some markers.

Summer activities for kids without spending money

And that’s how our son’s big bus was made. We had a lot of fun during preparation and it meant everything to see our son happiness.

Find a treasure in a big ice ball/ Safe your toys from the ice!

It’s not only a lot of fun for your kids but also for you. We put in a bowl a couple of little toys like cars, planes, figures and we fill it with water. We froze it for one night. My son got his tools and Daddy got his. They started breaking the ice. To get to the treasure a little bit faster they could use a hot water. My son was in 7th heaven because he enjoys to destroy things and using a force is also an awesome idea for him. A regular toddler boy 😛 For you it’s like a 5-minute job but for your kids, it will be one of the best activity ever. Who would not like to be a rescuer? 🙂

Summer activities for kids without spending money

Chalk means fun

Especially when you have a husband/wife who likes to draw:) We paint everything that our son loves: planes, trains, cars, snails (yeah snails are his favourites…animals?). Also, we tried to draw his feet and hands. He was really excited.

Summer activities for kids without spending money


Yes, we all know what does it mean A MESS. But hey we can do that outside right? It’s summer, lovely weather so why not. Take an old cardboard, some piece of paper, paints (bet washable paints) and voila Picasso can start his work. You can try with a brush but I can bet that your child will swap it in a minute for…fingers like my little boy. He had so much fun to see is colourful hands on the paper. I need to admit I did the same and I had a fun as well:P

Summer activities for kids without spending moneySummer activities for kids without spending money


My son loves bubbles. Mostly he prefers to chase them. Which is fine for me because I don’t need to be afraid that he will pour out a liquid.

Summer activities for kids without spending money

You don’t need to be rich to make summer remembered. Spending more time with your kids is the key. Just use your imagination to create something special. You can use simple things from your house without spending millions. Let me know what summer activities you prefer. And do not hesitate to try one of ours.

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