Why I don’t miss being pregnant!

Since I remember I’ve always wanted to be a Mom

You know as every little girl my dream was to have a nice white house with beautiful garden and two kids (yes, girl and a boy) and obviously a dog. Oh yeah don’t forget about lovely husband. And what I’ve got? More than I’ve ever wanted. Happiness. Yes, finally I can say it: ‘I’m a happy woman, Mom and wife’. No house (yet) and no dog (yet) but the rest seems to be legit 😉 Still want to have two kids. Not best with math but it’s look like I need one more 😉 When I think about being pregnant one more time I have really mixed feelings. I was really happy to feel all those baby’s movements, sweet kicks. I loved to touch my bump and talking to my unborn baby.

Not a piece of cake

But pregnancy, for me, wasn’t a piece of cake. So I will share with you my 5 reasons why I don’t miss being pregnant:

1. Almost from the beginning I had a huge bowels pain. And when I’m saying huge it’s mean like really HUGE. Before I didn’t know that pregnancy can bring such a kind of pain. Bowels? Who would think about bowels when you are pregnant. But yeah it was sh*tty pain and I had couple of visit with dietitian which didn’t help. Till 5 months I didn’t put on weight because I couldn’t eat. I was afraid of pain. I was crying and waking up in the middle of night because of it ;( That was really bad time for me.

2. Morning sickness and heartburn. But in my case it was like morning and afternoon sickness. All day to be more specific. I remember once I was eating some real nice meal and had to run to bathroom and I lost half of my teeth because in a rush I hit on toilet…And it was Sunday so I ad to pay about £300! Awesome right?

3. All those stupid questions. Are you happy? Did you plan it? Will you breastfeed? It will be c section or natural labour? Did you pick a name? It will be boy or a girl? I really didn’t want to share all those information with people witch I barely know. I wanted to keep for me and my husband or closest family members. But people are really nosy.

4. Touching my bump by other people. So all those hands on my bump were really annoying. I think most of Moms-to be don’t like to be touched by some strangers. It’s really creepy and it bothered me a lot. But sometimes you will not win with things like that.

5. Pee. Pee it will be your second name. Was in my case. I had to go toilet so many times that I was thinking about staying there for whole pregnancy. I was able to imagine myself there with a pillow, lots of books and snacks. To be honest I still see myself like that because after pregnancy you will be visiting your toilet regularly.

To sum up

I love my baby boy and it’s unconditional love. So if I had to be pregnant as long as elephants that would be not a problem for me. I can do a lot for my son but to be honest with myself I need to say that those 9 months were quite hard.

I’m really curious what was annoying for you during your pregnancy. Let me know about it in comments.

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  • Reply Lara

    The sickness and exhaustion was pretty horrid. I’d do it all again but certainly didn’t relish it at the time!

    2 April 2017 at 13:32
  • Reply Hayley aka Winging it with two boys

    I don’t miss the heartburn! I had it really bad with my second! And I definitely don’t miss the bump touching by strangers, and the personal questions – some people just over step the mark – I don’t miss the weird cravings, all I ate with my second was ice!

    2 April 2017 at 14:50
  • Reply Alex @ That Butterfly Effect

    I found both of my pregnancies really difficult but for a very different reason – physically I had great pregnancies (apart from back pain in the latter stages) but emotionally they were draining as I was so anxious about things going wrong, especially with my second boy as we’d had a miscarriage before 🙁

    3 April 2017 at 00:12
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