I keep losing temper with my toddler

Sometimes I think I should become a Mother couple years earlier.

Maybe I would have more patience than I have now. And to be honest my son is an angel but from time to time he has his worst days. Especially when I have really hard time e.g a massive headache. It happened to me last week. I think I can even say it was one of the worst days of my parenting career.

When everything means ‘NO’

I was really upset that he doesn’t want to take a nap during a day. I took him to bed and he was acting like a little crazy animal. When I wanted to take him downstairs to his playing area he was crying. So he didn’t want to sleep and…play. What did he want to do? Only God knows. I hate those moments when everything is ‘NO’. He is so tired that he doesn’t know what he wants but definitely, he will be not sleeping.

That day I needed his nap because I wanted to sleep as well. I don’t remember when I had such a massive headache. I didn’t know what’s going on and if I will able to handle all day with that little boy. I lost my temper when he (accidentally?) hit my head.

Why me?

I was thinking why the f&$@ he is doing to me? Why is he such a bad boy? What bad things I did in my life that I live now in such a hell? So, I left him in his bed. I closed the doors and went to my room. He was crying so bad. It was almost a hysterical crying. I couldn’t stand it. I calmed down myself a little bit and came back to my little boy. I took him out the bed and I said ‘I’m sorry it’s not your fault that Mommy has a bad day’. I hugged him and he looked at me smiled and he gave me the sweetest kiss ever. How can I keep losing my temper?

Not his fault

I was upset…again. This time not because of my son but because of me. How could I say he is a bad boy and I live in a hell? He is the sweetest boy ever. Immediately, he forgives me my anger and he looked like he didn’t bother about my behaviour. He still loves me, smiling at me and gives me kisses. It’s everything that I always wanted even if we have a rough time. Nobody said that being Mom is a piece of cake.

Sounds familiar?

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  • Reply Marjie Mare

    Well, know that we all feel overwhelmed and sometimes we also feel we don’t deserve to be a mother, but we are doing our best. Some days it’s really overwhelming and we tend to react too quickly. I learn to take a deep breath, at times, leave the room not to say or do something that we might regret. I learn to be firm and always try to keep my calm.

    20 February 2018 at 22:58
  • Reply Angie

    It can be overwhelming being a mom. I’ve had those days when my baby won’t stop crying and anything I try won’t make her happy. I always think I’m the worst mom if I can’t even make my own baby stop crying. But all moms have those days and we just need to take a deep breath and know it will be ok.

    21 February 2018 at 21:27
  • Reply Sahar

    You did so well! You gave yourself a breather and left him in his crib for a bit, then explained to him what was going on. I think that you should remember that the most important thing that happened that day is that you modeled for your little one how to take ownership of your limitations. Well done!
    Sahar recently posted…Barriers to Help The Weakest Links in our CommunitiesMy Profile

    22 February 2018 at 01:52
  • Reply Jasmine Hewitt

    giving yourself time to regroup is the best thing when parenting has its difficult moments
    Jasmine Hewitt recently posted…No-Bake Cheerios Snack BarsMy Profile

    22 February 2018 at 04:49
  • Reply Joy

    A mom is the toughest job in the world but you were made for those little ones! Great read!

    23 February 2018 at 21:53
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