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Kids crafts and arts? Only with Printkick

arts and crafts products from Printkick

Before I became a parent, I had a really small knowledge of DIY and crafts. I thought you need to be talented and have manual skills which I’ve never had. Now I know that kids have a brilliant imagination and everything that we are making doesn’t need to be perfect. Plus you have a lot of tools that help you to make amazing things. It’s really important for us to spending time with our son on crafting because he can learn a lot of things and it’s developing a special bond between us. We definitely prefer it rather than sitting and watch TV or let him play all day long on a tablet, phone or etc. 

So, I was really pleased when I got the opportunity to review a goody bag from Printkick. As you can imagine our son was thrilled when he saw what was in the box. Crayons, markers and paint everything that kids love (parents not really :P). Mess all around but a happy baby and that is everything we care about.

But firstly couple words about Printkick

Printkick is a small family business and started up in 2001, though they have roots back to 1987 (They are in my age!! Coincidence? I don’t think so:P). What’s really interesting and worth to say, primarily they sell ceramics like printed mugs to small businesses around the UK. Now with a launch of their new website, they’ve expanded the range to include all sorts, such as the kids/arts and crafts products which I’m reviewing in this post 🙂

What I really love about Printkick is that they care about our environment. They launched a new eco-friendly products range, which they’re trying to grow to ensure that organisations are aware of their environmental impact and make better choices with their printed items. It’s so important nowadays, right? But that’s not everything. I also do not hesitate to review Printkick products because they care about other people especially those who need a little bit more attention. People from Printkick are involved in The Umbrella Project a campaign with ADHD Foundation for neurodiversity. If you want to know more click here.

Bundle of crafts and arts joy

The first item that our son wanted to try was a lovely blue backpack with 5 markers and I believe those markers were the real reason why he chose it as a first thing.

crafts and arts products from Printkick

Anyway, it was a fun for us to colour the car and a unicorn (what a combo) on the backpack. It was the first time when we had a chance to design something for our son. Obviously, with his little help- he was choosing colours. Which was really funny because he wanted black stars but we were able to persuade him that yellow will be better.

Also, we’ve got an amazing painting set in a wooden box. It’s perfect for a gift!

arts and crafts products from Printkick

Looks really nice. When my husband opened it to check what’s inside I saw something in my son’s eyes. It was a pure happiness. His very own paints, markers, crayons… We’ve decided that he will be using it only under adult supervision:P It will be safer for our house.

In our goody bag, we’ve got something for us. Lovely adult drawing book.

arts and crafts products from Printkick

We (I) decided that it’s only for me and it should help me to relax and let the whole stress out. Good that there is a lot of pages to use.

I’m really happy with all those products. And I can’t wait to use a painting set with our son. I believe it will be a lot of (mess) happiness. Let me know which item you like the most. What do you think about crafts and arts with kids?

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  • Reply thefoodroot

    Love these crafts work. It looks really nice. Doing any art with a child is always great!

    27 August 2018 at 09:10
  • Reply Casey

    School about to start for my kids and I do need to find a set of colours pencil for them. I think this set is truly perfect for them. I also like they have the backpack and the drawing pad as well in the package. I think this will inspire them to draw even more than they already are. Thx!

    27 August 2018 at 10:38
  • Reply Nicole Gilbert

    I used quite a bit of these types of products when I was small. My mom would take me to the craft store and I would have so much fun picking out a kit and spending a quiet afternoon. I love to see a company come out with the kits that are also environmentally conscience!

    27 August 2018 at 14:39
  • Reply Kathie Miller

    Trying new thing with kids is always amazing. You have given me another cool idea to play with kids and let them learn new things.

    5 September 2018 at 09:28
  • Reply Mr Hoa

    Really this product is great. My baby is using this product. Thank you!

    18 September 2018 at 04:42
  • Reply Evan Timmons

    That backpack is stunning! I really love this one. I have pleased to see all these crafts work. Thanks and keep up the great work!

    28 January 2020 at 13:43
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