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What you can expect after labour- shortcut :)

You need to admit that being mum is the best thing in the world. On the other hand is very hard work. A lot of people forget about it and you can only hear how pregnancy is beautiful and overwhelming. Although is worth to say that from the beginning you need to struggle with nausea, back pain, foot and leg swelling and You losing your body.

Did anyone told you what to expect after labour? I can only guess that no. I truly didn’t know what to expect. First weeks were the hardest time in my life. Midwives said only about labour. Even in hospital where I spend only one day they told me about few minor things and that’s it.
This blog is for you as well so I decide to share my experience with you.

Probably if you deliver without any problems you should come back to normality very soon. Although if they cut your vagina (yes I said that world VAGINA) you will struggle with walking, seating even lying in the bad can be a problem. I will say it as simple as I can it’s painful as f*ck. I hope you all have lovely husbands, boyfriends etc because they will need to help you and for first weeks they will need to wake up at night to pass you a baby for feeding. Or you can do like me and try to sleep with your baby. We did that for first week after that LP start sleeping in his own cosy bed. If you want to sleep with baby I can advise you to buy a sleep nest. It will give you piece of mind and your baby will stay safe 🙂

The good idea is to buy for yourselves pillow with a hole in the middle which can help you seat. Also You will be tired, you will feel dizzy so ask some family member for help with cooking, cleaning and shopping. Don’t afraid if you will be crying a lot. It’s normal on the beginning because you will have a lot of hormones in your body.
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I don’t want to lie and honestly being at home with baby is not piece of cake but after a while you will use to that new situation. Don’t blame yourselves if you do some mistakes and remember that you are already everything what your newborn need.

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