Preparing for your new baby’s arrival :)

Every mum wants best for her new bundle of joy 🙂 So when you starting your journey to every possible baby shop you buying almost everything. You spending a lot of money and ending up with useless things. Don’t worry that’s the problem of all new mummies. And my role starting here.



I will tell you how to buy and save your coins. First of all you need to know that babies are growing very fast and don’t need a lot of clothes. On the beginning you ‘little bug‘ need:
3 sleepsuits,
3 bodysuits,
hat and mittens,
3 pair of socks,
2 pair of trousers,
2 tshirts.
That’s it. After few weeks you will need to get new clothes. Although I’am sure that every person who will see your little one will not forget about presents.

So your baby has something to put on him and know he need place to sleep. I’m not a fan of moses baskets, cradles or cribs. You using it for only first months and after that time you need to buy proper cot bed. Which means extra costs. I bought cot bed which I can convert in junior bed and I add nice mattress. I spend 180 £ and for next 3 years I don’t need to worry about next place to sleep for LP.

Almost everything for my LP I bought on ebay. Why? Because the same things are much cheaper online. When you will decide what you want check prices on google. For example the same electric steriliser on ebay I get for 25 quid and at shop you could buy it for 45 quid. Also I saved 300 quid on pram. We chose 3 in 1 the same reason like with bed. We don’t need to worry for next 3 years. Our pram at shop you can find for 550-600£. We bought it for 250£. We was looking for models from display. Honestly pram is beautiful and there is no marks basically looks fab.

Honestly I regret that I didn’t have that knowledge when I was buying all stuff for our baby. We bought straight away bouncer, playmat, a lot of toys etc. For the first months we didn’t use it because he was to small for that. Some of things he doesn’t like so there are useless. First rule is that you need observe your baby e.g. which toys he likes the most. Second rule if you want to save money is comparing prices. Last but not least  your little one in the first weeks doesn’t need a lot.

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  • Reply candy

    Perfect advice from someone who has been through this stage. Way to much stuff that I never used or even ended wanting to use after trying it out.

    13 August 2016 at 14:48
  • Reply Megan

    It’s crazy how much you forget about that phase in life! My little is four now, and that feels like a different life. Congrats on your sweet baby!

    13 August 2016 at 15:01
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