Pregnancy during the pandemic

Pregnancy during the pandemic

Why pregnancy during the pandemic is so terrifying?

I wasn’t very active here for so long, but I had a real reason for that. We are expecting our second baby. 39 weeks already 🙂 As you can imagine being pregnant during a global pandemic it’s not easy. Coronavirus has been very scary for us and it’s a threat we are taking very seriously in the household. That’s why the fact that I’m pregnant right now is terrifying for me. And I wasn’t ready to write anything about it because I was so afraid.

I had a hard few days because my pregnancy is not the easiest one. Of course, it’s nothing wrong with the baby but being away from my family and had no chance to see them during such an important time for me it’s very hard. Plus, I must go to every appointment by myself which is quite depressing. My husband was able to be on every scan I had but he couldn’t be with me because our son wasn’t allowed to be with us in a room. We don’t have anyone who could take care of our 5-year-old, so he had to stay with Daddy. We had only one opportunity when our son was at school, so my husband was only once with me during a scan. It’s quite sad to be honest because I believe, it’s making it harder to bond with the baby.

Too many anxieties and ‘what if’ questions

Also, there is so many ‘what if’ situations in my head that I can’t stop thinking about it. I’m afraid if my husband will be able to be with me during labour. I need to admit I had a small panic attack when I read about women delivering their babies alone. I remember that my first labour was quite traumatic for me and my husband was a big support for me so I can’t imagine do this without him.

What if someone will get a positive test for covid from my surroundings. I also think about life once our baby arrives. How can we keep her safe during such uncertain times? When our family will be able to meet her? When we will be able to fly to see them? It’s hard to keep my mind from wandering too far into the future of unknowns.

Why we didn’t want to wait?

You can ask why we couldn’t wait. The truth is you never have that perfect time for being pregnant. And it was what we’ve planned for so long plus we will be not younger. We also thought that pandemic will be over but unfortunately, it’s still here and nobody can predict when it will finish.

Having a second baby was our dream but pregnancy during the pandemic made us more stressed and lead to so many concerns. I was afraid to get a Covid because I was working till 32 weeks in a place where we have hundreds of people. Some of them are working for an agency so they can change their environment every few days and you can’t control them. Also, I was offered a vaccine, but I had mixed feelings about it. It’s so hard to make that decision when so many people have different opinions. Once you hear that you should wait another time you hear you need to do this now for your own good. I decided to wait till our baby will be with us but I still don’t know if it was a good decision.

Now we have few days till our due date, and I still don’t feel comfortable enough. I think my hormones heating the roof because I cry a lot and everything (everyone) is annoying. I just want a safe delivery and to meet our little girl. I hope we will be able to keep ourselves safe and despite everything that’s happening right now it will be still a magical time for us.

Do you know anyone who needs to face their pregnancy during the pandemic? Do they struggle the same as we are?

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