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Read it before piercing your baby’s ears

Why should you wait before piercing your baby's ears?

Not long time ago I’ve watched a video on Facebook which almost makes me cry. There was a little girl during ears piercing. She was crying so bad. She was terrified and you could easily see that she was even shaking. I’ve started wondering how on Earth any Mom want to do that to her little baby.

For what reason

Read it before piercing your baby's ears

I know it can be a little bit controversial topic and some Moms who decided to pierce their baby’s ears can feel judged. But that’s not my point. I just want to know your reasons for it. Why are Moms deciding to harm their babies?

  • they believe it’s less painful at such a young age
  • It solves gender identification problems in girls
  • a cultural element (in Spain and Latin America it’s customary to do so moments or days after a baby girl is born)
  • for better appearance
  • because Mom says so

First of all No, it’s not less painful. What I think it’s even more painful and baby doesn’t understand what’s going on. The only thing is that little girl will forget about it soon after it’s done.

I would not bother if someone would think my son is a girl. It’s only a matter of time when his gender will be clearly seen.

Little girls (all babies in fact) are beautiful. They don’t need earrings to look better. No matter what they are the cutest creatures. You really don’t need to make your baby prettier.

Because Mom says so- I think it’s the most common reason to pierced baby’s ears. You want it and it’s only your whim.  Why not leave that decision to your daughter when she will be older?

Why you should wait before piercing your baby’s ears

Why you should wait with piercing your baby's ears

I pierced my ears when I was about 12 years old. I chose by myself when I want to do that, where and what earrings I want to wear. I did with my best friends on the same day and I’m really grateful to my Mom that she let me decide about my own body. And to be honest? I don’t remember if it was painful. Same as little baby. But even if it was painful at least I knew why. And it was my own choice to suffer.

It’s even recommended waiting until a child is old enough to take care of the piercing herself. Surely, Your child will be constantly touching her ears, and the pierced area can easily become infected. So you need to remember to clean that area quite often. Also, there is a higher risk of an infant accidentally swallowing the tiny earrings.

Little girls are at higher risk of tearing their earlobes during play. The earring can easily catch on something and even during sleeping, it can be caught in a blanket. To prevent this, make sure that use stud earrings.

If you really want to pierce your baby’s ears you need to remember that you need to find a proper place and stuff because they should be trained in working with babies and young children. What’s really important to know ear-piercing guns aren’t recommended for piercing babies’ ears since they cannot be sterilized. There’s a higher risk to contract hepatitis or another type of infection.

What’re your opinions?

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  • Reply Sindhuja aka Suja Dinesh

    I had the same confusion when I had to do the ear piercing for my 2-year-old. I even thought who am I to decide for my kid? But, considering other factors like ear piercing is a tradition and ritual we follow in our country(India), I had no reasons to say no to ear piercing. So we did the ear piercing and fortunately, it was not a bad experience.

    12 September 2017 at 21:56
  • Reply Tasheena

    I can’t remember the age that I got my ears pierced. I’m pretty sure if I ever have a daughter that I would wait until she starts to ask about it. So many other cute alternatives though.

    13 September 2017 at 00:28
  • Reply Shannon

    Great post! I wanted to pierce my oldest’s when she was an infant but my husband didn’t want to change her appearance. It didn’t mean that much to me then so I conceded with the agreement we would do it when she turned 5. Well, she’s turning 5 on Monday and says she wants to wait until she’s 6. So, we’ll wait as long as we need to until she’s ready.Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

    14 September 2017 at 04:13
  • Reply Kaity | With Kids and Coffee

    My girls can make whatever decisions they wan when it comes to their bodies…and that includes if and when they get their ears pierced. That being said…I remember being so terrified of getting my ears pierced in middle school that my friend and I had conversations saying, “WHY COULDN’T OUR PARENTS HAVE PIERCED OUR EARS WHEN WE WERE BABIES?? WE WOULDN’T EVERN REMEMBER IT!!” Bahaha. 🙂

    15 September 2017 at 17:28
  • Reply Flossie McCowald | SuperMomHacks

    You offer a lot of really good food for thought here. My 5yo and 7yo haven’t gotten their ears pierced yet, even though I had mine done at 5 by my dad (an old-fashioned country doctor). I’m sure they will get theirs done someday – maybe they’ll do each other’s? 🙂

    18 September 2017 at 13:55
  • Reply Shell

    I had boys so this was never an issue in our household but my mom waited until I asked for my ears to be pierced… I was in 3rd grade and she made it into a special girls day that made me feel like a grownup… she pulled me out of school early so we could go and we went to a special lunch to celebrate…

    18 September 2017 at 14:13
  • Reply Sheri

    Great information. For me, I got my ears pierced at birth right at the hospital so I have always had them.

    19 September 2017 at 18:34
  • Reply Josh Roberts

    Good points. I agree, babies and toddlers are more prone to getting hurt and infected. I will let my little girls decide for themselves when and how they wanted their ears pierced. Thanks for sharing 🙂

    25 November 2017 at 09:38
  • Reply Debbie

    I took both my daughters to have their ears pierced when they were three months old. We had no problems with them and now they are older they love the fact that they can wear gold earrings and some of their friends are very envious of them. There really is no reason why they cannot have it done as babies. Of my friends who had daughters at about the same time as mine, about half took the decision to have their ears pierced and about half did not – usually because their partners objected.

    21 December 2017 at 06:32
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