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Why you talk like that to your child?

Why you using potty language

This is not an uncommon issue with parents

‘Shut up!’ ‘You little shit’ ‘I will smack you!’ That is the only couple of phrases you can hear from parents. The saddest thing is that they talk like that to their adolescent kids. I really can’t imagine myself talking those words to my son. I don’t know what he would need to do to make me so angry with him.

But for some parents, it’s normal. ‘Good’ and simple conversation. I heard one of it couple days ago in a grocery store:

Mom ‘Be careful with your juice’

Kid ‘I now Mommy I’m trying’

Obviously, he accidentally spilled a little bit

Mom ‘Oh look what you did you little shit. What I was saying 5 minutes ago. Can you do at least one thing properly?’

Kid ‘Mom I was trying. Really’

Mom ‘Shut up and walk faster.’

I was so sorry for that kid. I wanted to hug him and said ‘Don’t worry I know you were trying but you were distracted. And definitely, you are not a piece of shit’. Your Mom is wrong and she will (eventually) understand that’. Anyway, my heart was broken.

You know what your ‘bad talk’ can cause?

Your kids will start modeling you and using a potty language will be their habit. Unfortunately, they pick up on bad words because they hear them from you. Also, you show to your kids you are helpless and it’s mostly your insecurity.

It’s not really good to take your frustrations out on your kids. You don’t respect your kid so be sure he will do the same in the future. What about ‘Shut the f*ck up Mom!’? Painful right? You don’t want to hear it so your baby doesn’t want as well.

Nowadays parents do not give a f*ck about talking with their kids. Which is really bad because the conversation is a key. Yelling and swearing is the last thing I want to do to my son. It causes more problems then solve.

I’m really sorry for those kids who need to listen every day that bad words from their parents. It’s something they will remember for whole life.

You need to change your behavior

I don’t want to be judgmental. I have my problems as well. Sometimes I’m not patient enough with my son. I’m trying and working on it so you can do the same. Change your life for better. Not only for yourself but mostly for your little ones. Swearing and yelling on them is not the solution. If you will not stop you will raise another angry little person.


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  • Reply corinne

    this makes me so sad 🙁 you should always be respectful when talking to your children!!!

    5 November 2017 at 01:45
  • Reply Jamie

    Eek!! That’s really bad I know sometimes I lose my temper but I can’t imagine talking like that to my littles. That’s so so sad. Poor thing. It makes you wonder how that person was spoken to as a child though- often it’s inherited behavior
    Jamie recently posted…Fall Style Watch: Textures and LayersMy Profile

    5 November 2017 at 02:02
  • Reply Mama

    We can’t expect respect from our kids if we don’t give it them first. We’re our kids’ greatest role models so we need to set good examples. I’m nowhere near perfect, but this is something I’m working really hard on.

    6 November 2017 at 19:54
  • Reply Jean Tracy

    You are so right. Respect is the key and hateful words have a way of boomeranging from child to parent. Besides disrespect is the perfect way to lower our children’s self-esteem. Thanks for this article. I will be tweeting it.

    10 November 2017 at 18:39
  • Reply Angel

    Patience is so hard at times but words have power long after they’ve been spoken…

    12 November 2017 at 03:17
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