Excited and stressed about first holiday with our baby boy

Things have been pretty busy around here lately. I’m not joking people. I was seriously busy. Even forgot that we have a new month! It’s June! Can anyone explain my why is time passing so quickly?

Anyway tomorrow we are going on our first holiday with our baby boy. I’m so excited and stressed in the same time. I didn’t know that babies need so many things. Packing was really exhausting. And what’s worst I have still feeling that we forgot about something. But we should have most important things packed:D When we will come back I will do a list for you! It will be a long list. If you don’t remember we are going to Tenerife! 🙂 So as you can imagine sun cremes, swim nappies, summer clothes are not enough:)

Mostly I’m stressed because it will be his first such a long flight. Hope he will be sleeping or at least happy to seat on our laps for whole time. I have some toys and new book for him so keep fingers crossed.

Another thing is if he will be entertain enough and happy to spend time on the beach? If he will like swimming in the sea? There is so many questions. But I’m full of hope. We  will be there for him. We are his parents (hopefully) the most important people in his life so at least he will feel comfortable and safe.

It’s another ‘first time’ for our little family. I love those milestones. They make our family strong and fulfilled.

You can expect that for next couple of days we will be posting nice pics on Instagram 🙂 So don’t forget to follow us.

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