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It’s time to say ‘sorry’ to my gluten and dairy free diet. Plus recipe!

New Year is coming people! And it’s time for changes. For me, it’s that time when I need to say ‘sorry’ to my gluten and dairy free diet.

But I will start from the beginning and will try to describe you how I discovered that I have gluten and dairy intolerance. As I remember my whole life I suffer from massive bowel pain. It wasn’t every day so I was told it was because of stress. So I thought that my pain, diarrhea, cold sweats etc are normal. But obviously, it wasn’t. Plus I have asthma and nobody else in my family has it. My Moms wasn’t convinced about my condition and she thought that results were wrong. But I know how I feel. I know I have problems with breathing when I’m running when I’m walking fast and talking at the same time, I can’t sweam and have breathing problems during winter and summer.

Nobody knew why I have it so I didn’t try to ask other doctors. Until one day everything became clear for me. I was reading some magazine and there was an article about food intolerance. And all symptoms were matching to mine. Asthma, pain, bowels problems, heartburn etc. I’ve decided to do tests form my blood as soon as possible. And guess what? Yeah, dairy and gluten are not my best friends.

For my whole life, mostly I was eating cereal with cow milk, cheese, bread, cream. So now it’s no big surprise to me I felt like a crap. After 6 months without gluten and dairy, I felt like never before. No pain, no diarrhea, no heartburn. And 10kg less. I always wanted to lose some weight but my diets never worked. Probably because I was eating products which my body did not tolerate.

For about one year I was on a strict gluten and dairy free diet but when I’ve got pregnant I was a little bit afraid that my baby will not get everything that he needs. So I’ve started to eat a little bit of cheese, some bread, normal chocolate. And it wasn’t so bad but after I’ve given a birth I didn’t have time to prepare two dinners and I had to quit my diet. Now when my son is 20 months old I’ve decided to say sorry to my diet. I need to admit that I don’t feel well and my body starts saying to me that I need to do something. So I think New Year is a perfect time for those changes. I know it will be not easy but it’s worth it. I need to be strong and healthy for my son.

So yeah I want you to be prepared for a lot of recipes here. Obviously dairy and gluten free. And mostly desserts. Because who doesn’t love them 🙂

And here you have my first recipe for you. My favourite carrot cake. Perfect for New Year’s Eve:)


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