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Toys that can keep your toddler busy

Toys for your tots from Hape and strictlybriks

Choosing the right toys for your kids it’s not so easy as it looks like

Yes, they generally aren’t fussy when it comes to giving them a new toy, but you should be. Do not buy toys which you like or you’re always dreamed about as a kid. Your child doesn’t need to share your enthusiasm. Remember that kids, especially if you have a toddler, are little explorers. So, they learn by doing. Choose toys that appropriate for their age. Also, they should be fun, stimulating and what’s more importantly safe. Think about toys as developmental learning tools.

As a mommy blogger very often I have an opportunity to test and review toys before I will decide to buy them for my son. It’s so exciting to discover new brands especially if they have high-quality products. I need to say it was a real pleasure to let my son play with toys from Hape. For a long time, I was looking for or bath toys. We had a lot of them but mostly they’re made of rubber. After a couple of days/week, they were full of black mould. I was terrified because my son loves to put everything in his mouth. So, I put them in the bin and buy a new one. Obviously, it was pointless and quite expensive. Now we are really pleased with bath toys from Hape. They are 100% safe and made from sustainable materials.  We chose Hape Teddy Umbrella Stackers and Hape Pop Up Teddy Shower Buddy. Both of them you can get from Amazon for a really nice price. Teddy shower buddy is our son’s favourite:) His bath time could last forever.

Hape toys for your kids

Toys from Hape for your kids

As we are wooden toys lovers we also reviewed a wooden set of vegetables with a knife and chopping board (Chef’s choice) and a train with batteries and wooden tracks (Battery powered engine set).

Toys from Hape for your kids

That choice wasn’t difficult. My son has a passion for trains but he never had a one with batteries so I knew it will be a big wow for him. I read a couple of feedback and found one about train speed. Someone mentioned that it’s quite slow. Yeah, it’s not the fastest train in the world. But what do you expect to have for a 2-3-year-old boy? My son couldn’t stop jumping when the train starts moving plus it can reverse! Also, what we love about it is that the train track is compatible with other brands so we were able to do a loooong track and we had a lot of fun to see how train where to manage to pull his two carriages for the whole way.

Toys from Hape for your kids

Why Chef’s choice for the boy? Our son loves to prepare a coffee for us so we had a tea set and we knew that he will be excited if he will have a chance to prepare a meal for his parents ;P And yes, he loves it. Also, he is sharing the food with his friends-cars 😛

Wooden Toys from Hape for your kids

But it’s not everything! We also recently reviewed contraction base plates from Strictly Bricks. They are available on Amazon. We had two sets Strictly Briks 12pk 6”x6” Baseplates and Strictly Briks Creatorz 60 Multicolored Creatorz with 6″ x 6″ the cube set. We are very pleased because they are compatible with all major brands of bricks, including lego and mega bloks brand sets. These base plates are the perfect size to create anything from a house with a great yard to a huge sprawling castle with towers and spires. It has never been easier to let your imagination run wild with the fun of creating something uniquely yours. Mostly we create towers and learn…colours. It’s a lot of fun for the whole family 🙂

I’m really satisfied with all those great toys. They help me to keep my son quite busy. As a normal kid, he is bored after 5 minutes of playing but those toys keep him busy for a longer period of time. Obviously, I was provided with free products in return for my honest review. All thoughts and opinions expressed here are my own and not influenced by the developing company.

Let me know what do you think about those toys and if you ever heard about Hape and Strictly Briks.

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