Was the Legoland Windsor reopening successful?

L:egoland windsor reopening

Legoland Windsor reopening- our second theme park during COVID

We had a lot of plans for 2020. But as everyone knows Coronavirus punched us in our faces with ‘What the hell you thought? That you can make any plans? Not with me Honey’. So our two flights to Poland were cancelled. Our son’s birthday Caravan surprise was cancelled. We thought that our Theme Parks visit will be cancelled as well but we had luck and our Chessington World of Adventures visit was on the first day of reopening! Yay at least something positive. We weren’t sure about booking another park but we wanted to check how Legoland Windsor reopening went. Plus we’ve never been in Legoland but our son loves to play with Lego so it was a good excuse for a visit.

We booked our tickets for 25th August and we were pretty sure that it should be nice weather but we forgot we are in the UK. And summer doesn’t need to be equal with good sunny weather. We decided to think positive and we said to our boy that even rain will not ruin our day. We prepared our wellies, ponchos and we were ready for an exciting adventure.

Was the Legoland Windsor reopening successful?

So did Legoland Windsor reopening was successful?

I think yes but not everything went as should be. For example, there were so many people and some of them just not even try to keep a social distance. Most of them looked like they just enjoyed their day like COVID does not exist. Obviously, because of that, the queues were really long and some rides and attractions took about 90 minutes waiting in a queue. It’s really hard to explain to kids why they need to spend so much time waiting for a ride.

Was the Legoland Windsor reopening successful?

You can try to buy ‘Reserve and Ride’ but let’s face it- tickets are already expensive so upgrading it is even more. And yes it’s annoying when you think it’s your turn and then someone with VIP tickets is showing up just before you. I had a feeling that it could be planned better. Especially that you pay a lot for that entertainment.

So, if you are rich and you like to waste your money for silly things you can go on the Legoland website and buy tickets online for £35 per person plus reserve and rides which for my family would be £105 plus £270. I believe that most of you could find cheaper entertainment. But anyway we did that for our boy and he really enjoyed it no matter what.

Was the Legoland Windsor reopening successful?

Was the Legoland Windsor reopening successful?


Also, we did not plan our trip properly and we spend too much time in Duplo Valley so we missed more exciting rides and places like Deep see adventure. Because of that, we did not have time to see everything that we wanted and definitely one day is not enough for such a big park. We already decided to visit it one more time next year. But because I do not like to spend money when I do not need to I will wait for The Sun promotion 😛

Was the Legoland Windsor reopening successful?

How COVID impact the Legoland Windsor reopening

Same as in Chessington you will see a sanitiser dispenser on every ride. You should keep 2 meters distance from other people but it was really hard in queues which are full of kids. But most people try as much as they can. From time to time staff needs to stop the rides and they clean them so you need to be patient. There are one-way markings on the floor but everything looks clear and we didn’t have a problem to find out where to go. We were even able to take a picture with Lego Ninjago character so it was a nice surprise. Theatre for kids was open so I think COVID did not make any big changes in Legoland schedules. Definitely not changes in the number of people…At least from my point of view, there were loads of them.

Did we enjoy our visit?

Definitely Yes for our son! I would change a few things but we are pretty sure that next year we will try to go to Legoland once again. It’s a good place not only for kids but also for adults (if the ques are reasonable). Our son was really excited and he had a lot of fun. If you are a fan of Lego bricks you will really enjoy it. Most of the things look like they are built from Lego. And someone did a really great job. It’s hard to say what was best because we liked everything that we were able to see on that day.

Was the Legoland Windsor reopening successful?

Was the Legoland Windsor reopening successful?

Was the Legoland Windsor reopening successful?

Was the Legoland Windsor reopening successful?

Even if some rides were closed because of COVID it was an amazing day. Obviously, if you would ask my son what he liked the most he would say…a shop. Because he got a Lego set. But when we went to the shop we felt quite overwhelmed. There was a lot of toys, also on the floor, and far too many people. Our boy was a little bit scared and he didn’t know where to look at because people were everywhere. But we ended up with a really nice set which cost us £17.99 so not so bad for Legoland shop.

Looking on current circumstances Legoland Windsor reopening went really good. It’s so nice that people can have a little bit fun after a few months in lockdown. We are really happy that we could make that trip and show that place to our son and…my mom. It was a surprise for both of them. My mom said that she has never been in such a place and she never expects she will have such an exciting time in her age. So if you are thinking about visiting Legoland do not hesitate because you will have unforgettable moments no matter how old or young you are. But do not forget that you will need to wait in a long queue for your ride which can be a pain.

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  • Reply Lynda Hogan

    It looks really nice. And a benefit in these surreal times is that it seems to be mainly outside. I haven’t been to the Legoland here in Japan yet, hopefully someday. But we’ve been Disney quite a few times and the queues are crazy. Its so hard for the kids. Especially as these type of places are supposed to be magical for them.
    Lynda Hogan recently posted…Strawberry Garden MoroyamaMy Profile

    9 October 2020 at 14:14
  • Reply blair villanueva

    This kind of attraction is always fun to visit. Though it seems different from LEGOLand in Malaysia, LEGO brand per see doesn’t fail to adopt from modern branding. No one says you are old to play with LEGO.

    10 October 2020 at 02:09
  • Reply CA

    It’s great to hear that Amusement Parks are slowly opening up, as long as the minimum standards of health protocols are being followed. Life has to go on for all of us.

    10 October 2020 at 08:19
  • Reply Ivan Jose

    Nice! I love theme parks. I was thinking of bringing my kids to a place they’d enjoy visiting, too, similar to Legoland.

    10 October 2020 at 13:36
  • Reply Melissa

    I am glad places like this are reopening for the kiddos. We need to support these businesses when we can. I am glad your little guy had fun!

    10 October 2020 at 15:49
  • Reply Sarah M

    Legoland Wwindsor is near to my home. If the Pandemic did not happen we coud visit this place. I now make plan after things settle down.
    Sarah M recently posted…Chin Breakouts [Acne Symptoms, Causes & Treatment] – Smeh BeautytipsMy Profile

    10 October 2020 at 19:38
  • Reply rachel

    I’m so glad they have opened back up safely! and that you were able to enjoy your visit.

    11 October 2020 at 23:23
  • Reply Joanna

    I haven’t been to Legoland yet even if I live quite close. It sounds like it’s fun, if you plan ahead. I agree, those upgrade are ridiculously expensive.

    12 October 2020 at 11:13
  • Reply Candace Hampton

    Even though I don’t have kids I have wanted to go to Legoland in Florida! I love the creativeness. I’ve always heard the rides are great too. I am glad that your trip was worth it and that you had a good time! I’m sure it was nice to do something close to “normal”.

    12 October 2020 at 13:28
  • Reply Candice

    I have some beautiful memories linked to Windsor.

    28 October 2020 at 16:42
  • Reply toysfun

    I am glad that Legoland could reopen safely with this pandemic going on the world.

    5 February 2021 at 18:50
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