What vegetables I can introduce to my baby?

Fruits or Vegetables

About two weeks ago I posted a guideline what fruits you can introduce to your baby after 6,  and 12 months. Maybe some of you were thinking why I didn’t start from vegetables? It wasn’t coincidence 🙂 Some people were saying if the baby will start from fruits will dislike vegetables. Is it true? Not really.

For most babies, it doesn’t matter what the first solid foods are. There is no medical evidence that introducing solid foods in any particular order has an advantage for your baby. Although many pediatricians will recommend starting vegetables before fruits, there is no evidence that your baby will develop a dislike for vegetables if the fruit is given first. Babies are born with a preference for sweets, and the order of introducing foods does not change this. But you need to remember that you can’t introduce some fruits earlier than 6 months or  9 months.

So here you are my personal guideline for you 🙂

Vegetables after 6 months

Broccoli– Broccoli is very high in Vitamin C and is a great source of soluble fiber.

Green peas– are very high in calcium, n vitamin K and vitamin C. can help you prevent a number of different conditions, including Alzheimer’s, atherosclerosis, diabetic heart disease, colon cancer, asthma, arthritis, acne, ear infections, and maybe even colds and flu.

Cauliflower– If your baby has had any digestive issues, it would be best to introduce cauliflower into the diet later rather than sooner because it may cause gas. Although cauliflower is packed full of phytochemicals which are said to help prevent cancer.

Corn– Corn contains a good amount of protein and carbohydrate plus it can be a good finger food.

Pumpkin– They are highly loaded with Vitamin A and beta carotene. Also, pumpkins are good sources of potassium, protein, and iron.

Carrots– They are easy to digest and are packed full of nutrients such as Vitamin A, Vitamin C and Calcium. Also, Carrots are very high in beta carotene.

Sweet potato–  are high in Vitamin A and beta carotene as well as potassium. Also,  contain a good amount of Vitamin E, calcium and folate.

After 9 months

First vegetables

Onion-  is an excellent source of antioxidants. Onions are packed with polyphenols and Vitamin C

Spinach– is a really good source of Calcium. Alo, contain good amounts of Vitamin A, Iron and Selenium too.

Cucumber– is a good source of Vitamin C, A., calcium and potassium.

Tomatoes– are amazing sources of Vitamin A and Vitamin C. Although, he acidity of tomatoes may cause some discomforts in baby’s tummy.

After 12 months

First vegetables

What vegetables I can introduce to my baby

On this time of your baby’s life, he is ready to try almost every kind of food. Obviously, we need to remember to avoid sugar, salt, preservatives and etc. Your baby is not anymore a little infant but he still needs a balanced diet.

It’s only my guidance for you so don’t worry if you’ve started introducing tomatoes to your baby before he finished 9 months. Sometimes you need to follow your intuition. If you see that your baby is perfectly fine after he ate new food it’s OK to continue with it.



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  • Reply R. Alexandria

    It’s so hard to get a baby to even try spinach for some reason. I’d stick to carrots and string beans. Thanks for the advice.

    31 July 2017 at 21:26
  • Reply Leigha Sparrow

    Can’t wait to introduce my little one when he’s a little older to foods! Thanks for sharing !

    31 July 2017 at 21:33
  • Reply Jasmine

    Really good info! I used to purée my baby’s food and this is a helpful guideline for Mamas who do!

    31 July 2017 at 22:18
  • Reply Larissa

    This is a great guide! I never even considered what types of vegetables [or fruits for that matter], should be given to babies at certain stages. I personally don’t have any little ones [nor will I anytime soon], but two of my cousins are expecting, so I’m sharing this with them!

    31 July 2017 at 22:35
  • Reply Danielle Gould

    I only have furchildren but I will be sure to pass this on to my friends that have kids. You give a really simple timeline and breakdown!

    31 July 2017 at 23:37
  • Reply Kristen

    We have just begun introducing solids to our son. This is a great guide to use to see which ones to try first

    1 August 2017 at 01:00
  • Reply Tiffany Meiter

    This is a great list! I never really thought that far into it yet. I’ll have to save this for later.

    1 August 2017 at 01:32
  • Reply Cassie

    This is a really helpful list! IT can be hard sometimes knowing when is appropriate to introduce these vegetables into the babies diet

    1 August 2017 at 01:39
  • Reply Heather Johnson

    Per WHO guidelines, I exclusively breastfed for the first six months. Right at six months, I introduced sweet potatoes and other veggies to my kiddos.
    Heather Johnson recently posted…Learning Through Play with Play Smart Interactive Workbooks from Gakken WorkbooksMy Profile

    1 August 2017 at 03:07
  • Reply Claudia Krusch

    I used to love when I could introduce a new food to my Son. His favorite was Sweet potatoes. I made all his baby food so I was sure what was in it.

    1 August 2017 at 03:49
  • Reply Krysten

    This is a great guide. I just fed my baby everything that he wanted to eat (minus preservatives, sugar, etc) when he was 6 months and on and now he’s a fantastic eater!

    1 August 2017 at 18:37
  • Reply Ana

    Really great list. My daughter had GERD so unfortunately she was unable to eat anything without it upsetting her but with my son he loved exploring new foods. Until we found he has a green bean allergy…. I’m going to try to get the kids to eat cauliflower.. went didn’t I think of this! Lol

    1 August 2017 at 23:17
  • Reply Rebecca Swenor

    This is awesome information for new parents. I know the rules have changed since my kids were babies. We introduced carrots and peas at 6 months old. Thanks for sharing the information.

    2 August 2017 at 00:37
  • Reply jhilmil

    A great way to give nutrition.. I basically stuck on most of these veggies but in a puree format.
    jhilmil recently posted…Daughters are Bliss!My Profile

    2 August 2017 at 00:41
  • Reply Luci

    Really great post. I will have to share this.

    2 August 2017 at 01:11
  • Reply Rambles and Runaways

    Great post, nice and simple explanations!

    2 August 2017 at 02:32
  • Reply Joanna

    This is a nice, comprehensive guide for introducing healthy food to babies. When my son was a baby, I also tried to give him home-made food as much as possible.

    2 August 2017 at 03:41
  • Reply Natalie

    Not having any or being around kids much, I am clueless when it comes to this topic. Thank you for enlightening me!

    2 August 2017 at 04:23
  • Reply Emily

    What a great resource, thanks for sharing! My 18 month old will only eat veggies pureed in a pouch, or in a smoothie. But we just tried cucumbers and they were a hit!

    2 August 2017 at 15:33
  • Reply Alayna

    This is such a great post! I remember not being sure at all what vegetables I could introduce to my son as he got older! I mostly kept it all in puree format! Thanks for the great tips and for sharing

    2 August 2017 at 19:15
  • Reply Kaity | With Kids and Coffee

    Great list! We started our girls with veggies and held off on the fruit until further down the road and they are both veggie lovers. Peas were and still are a HUGE favorite.

    3 August 2017 at 14:48
  • Reply Wanderlust Vegans

    I didn’t realised there was different ages to introduce vegetables to a baby. I don’t have one, so I am off the hook on why I didn’t know! 😛 Is fruit the same?

    3 August 2017 at 19:22
  • Reply Audria

    Great tips on new foods to try. I liked this post!

    3 August 2017 at 20:59
  • Reply Rhewi Montemayor

    What an awesome guide and this is a good information especially for the first time moms out there

    5 August 2017 at 03:54
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